If you want to be good at foreign exchange, then investors should have a good understanding of the characteristics of foreign exchange, so that they can effectively carry out foreign exchange speculation and help to obtain good benefits. Ho

At present, under the background of the rising US index, the depreciation pressure of the currency has already attracted the attention of all parties. Then, in the case of depreciation of the currency, what risks should be paid attention to

Technical and fundamental analysis are the two main aspects of field analysis. Because of their different focuses, the combination of the two can better guide the order transaction. Foreign exchange investment is the same as our usual stock

When performing regular (spot) forex trading at most foreign exchange service providers, you are unlikely to encounter problems with the forward point. However, if you trade foreign exchange forward contracts, it is good to understand its o

People have a variety of financial management methods, and foreign exchange investment is one of the most popular among investors. So, where do foreign exchanges open accounts? There are two places for foreign exchange investment to open an

In the front, we have received a lot of questions from foreign speculators about foreign exchange knowledge, perhaps the most basic, but it is not easy for them to remember. Today, the author gathered these questions together and answered t

How about the long-term trend of speculation in foreign exchange? By focusing on longer-term trends, you can avoid distractions from the noise generated on the field every day, and be able to maintain a balanced view of prices and trends. I

The balance of foreign exchange deposits of residents increased rapidly, and the enthusiasm of residents to participate in foreign exchange trading was also increasing. So, what are the skills of personal foreign exchange trading? First of a

Foreign exchange margin does not have advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, the advantages are shortcomings. The disadvantages are advantages. Seeing that you stand from that perspective: The following understanding of foreign exchan

Gold foreign exchange is a combination of gold and foreign exchange, because gold and foreign exchange are often the most relevant in financial investment markets, so people are used to juxtaposing gold and foreign exchange. Today, Xiaobian