At the end of the year, many families will consider renovating the house. In the face of the current bank loans, many consumers often do not know the pros and cons. Through multiple parties, professionals analyze and summarize the following

Unlike the personal loan, is that the loan risk that the lending institution needs to bear when accepting the corporate loan is greater, so the lending institution will ask the borrower to provide the loan guarantee. Then, what methods can y

The credit crunch and the high threshold for bank loans have made many borrowers who are already stretched and stretched. They feel that “the loan is difficult and difficult to get up to the sky”. As the demand for private loans is more

Many people always have two extremes when they loan. One is how much they can borrow, and the other is to try to borrow less. From the point of view of actual operation, these two practices are actually unacceptable and are a kind of irrati

Renovation loan refers to a personal loan business launched by a bank or consumer finance company for the purpose of decorating a home with a consumer who owns the home. There are four main application methods: personal credit loans, person

Credit loan refers to a loan issued in the creditworthiness of the borrower. The borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. The characteristic is that the debtor can obtain the loan only by its own credit without providing collateral or

Travel loan

Below is a common problem with travel loans for credit consumer loans. I. What is a credit consumer loan? What is the personal travel loan? Credit consumer loans are issued by banks and other institutions, and are issued to borrowers who hav

A mortgage-backed consumer loan refers to a loan that the borrower applies for a loan from the bank with the property of himself or a third person as a mortgage, and is used for buying a car, buying a house, etc., and the borrower repays th

Real estate mortgage refers to the borrower's mortgage of newly purchased commodity housing, and the loan bank provides financial services for the borrower to meet the various needs of the purchase of housing, parking spaces, large durable

On April 8th, Sesame Credit announced that it had reached a “good time loan” under the umbrella of ant micro-loan and “good loan” by Zhaolian Finance. Users with a certain score or more of sesame have the opportunity to use the "flo

Real estate valuation refers to the real estate price assessment, which is to evaluate the real estate, that is to say, the professional holding the "Real Estate Valuation Personnel Position Certificate" or "Real Estate Appraiser Registrati

The housing subsidy loan is a personal housing policy interest subsidy loan. It refers to the housing provident fund management center and the relevant commercial banks. Commercial personal housing loans issued to commercial banks. Any borr