Many parents ask when they buy insurance for their children. What are the types of children's insurance? Which company is better for children's insurance? How to buy insurance for your child...etc. Today, the insurance network Xiaobian summ

On the afternoon of June 29, a safety accident occurred in the East OCT Grand Canyon Space Trek Project, killing 6 people and injuring 10 others. This accident not only caused people to think about the safety of the playground, but once aga

Mr. Zhang is at work, Xiao BB is also in, because the small BB is often hospitalized, so I want to buy him a commercial medical insurance, only to be able to reimburse the hospital for hospitality, would like to ask everyone to choose that

Customer Information: Child, 1, Minor, monthly average 0, insurance type: [significant illness insurance, child insurance, accident insurance, commercial medical insurance], customer information: Du Xiaoyou, 1, family economic situation, pa