Buying insurance for children has become the choice of many parents, especially medical insurance. However, it should be reminded that parents do not have to be blindly insured for their children. They can consider insuring the public welfa

Wu Yu is busy with work all the year round, and rarely spends time with his son to go out to play. This year, my son’s elementary school is going to graduate. Wu Yu plans to take a week to take him for a turn after the son’s exam is ove

Buying a suitable health insurance for your child is something that every parent is willing to do, because the child's healthy growth is the biggest for parents. We all know that buying children's medical insurance can reduce family pressur

Summer vacation is a “high-risk period” for child safety accidents. Parents should pay attention to the safety of their children and also need to give their children “insurance”. In particular, some students who plan to travel during

Preschool children and primary and secondary school students in the main body will be able to seek medical treatment by card. Among them, the function of student card will be more abundant, and it will be extended to various fields such as

According to the data from the fifth census, the current population of children accounts for 22.89% of the total population. According to this ratio, the number of children and adolescents has reached 270 million. According to previous surve

Today's white-collar workers live under the pressure of high work pressure and high pressure, which makes them stay in sub-health state for a long time, which is easy to cause some diseases. The treatment cost of many serious diseases is ve

[Introduction]: When many young parents face insurance agents, they often say that our baby already has social security, and insurance does not have to be bought. But is this the case? Children's social insurance still has many flaws, and t

How to choose baby insurance

is a parent. I always hope that my child can grow up healthily and have a bright future. How to choose baby insurance is the biggest headache for parents. If the baby chooses the most suitable insurance? How to choose for infant insurance t

Every parent wants their children to grow and be happy. But accidents in life are unpredictable and happen from time to time. In order to build a safe "wall" for their children, parents have purchased children's accidental insurance for the

Right now, the weather is hot and parents are particularly worried about the health of their children. In addition to timely heatstroke prevention and cooling, in addition to children's medical insurance , ​​parents can also add commerc

The New Year is coming soon, and parents have started to buy their children. In addition to the custom of the Spring Festival, it is necessary to buy new clothes and new red hats in the new year. It is also essential to buy new year gifts.