Only 4 years old boy Li Sheng letter, suffering from a rare blood disease in the world, the whole body grows crocodile skin-like skin and lumps, struggling on the edge of life and death. His medical treatment for life is not only a medical

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, the number of applicants for the college entrance examination in 2014 was 9.39 million, an increase of 270,000 over 2013, an increase of 3%. Among them, the average high school fresh

Guarantee the near-term and long-term expenses of your child's education. Appropriately supplement insurance, there are many insurance products and companies on the field. How to choose the products and companies that suit you? There are ce

Buying critical illness insurance

The rapid development of society has caused the environment to be polluted. This has increased the incidence of some major diseases to a certain extent. Many people hope to obtain protection through the purchase of major illness insurance,

As a basic guarantee for children's accident insurance, is a must-have for your baby's growth. Accidents are unpredictable. Once an accident occurs, both the baby and the family can receive certain financial compensation. So, is it dangerous

[Editor's note] The child is a gem in the minds of the parents. He is afraid of falling in his hand, and is afraid of it in his mouth. Parents always want to give the best to their children. Nowadays, accidents occur frequently, and childre

During the child's growth, the cost of children's major illnesses and hospitalization for children is a relatively large expense in the family. At present, there are two main types of neonatal medical insurance on the field, one is major il

How to plan for newborn insurance

Today, in a highly competitive society, working as a new parent is very stressful. Many young couples choose to have a late marriage and late childbearing. From this phenomenon, it is not difficult to imagine the position of the child in th

Baby is born, many parents are prepared to buy insurance for their children, or to keep health, or to reserve for future education funds. At present, many insurance companies have launched special infant insurance, which shows that parents

“Guardian Children's Major Disease Insurance” is a health and major disease insurance product for various major diseases that may occur during the child's growth. It provides a comprehensive prevention and protection plan and is committ

At present, the urban workers' medical insurance system is becoming more and more perfect, and the new type of medical care is also showing initial success. However, urban children and adolescents have become a missing link in the social se

When the winter vacation is coming, the family is more and more lively, and parents worry about the accidental accidents of children during the holidays. Some people think of insuring a child who is on vacation, but in the face of complicat