Life is the largest insurance, and its products are very rich. Investing in children, parents are not afraid, so nowadays children's insurance has almost spread to many families. Below, let us analyze the analysis of life insurance for chil

How old can I buy insurance?

How to buy children's insurance? This is a common problem faced by parents in buying insurance for their children. Experts say that friends who have bought insurance know that, in general, the sooner insurance is bought, the lower the premi

On September 1st, the new semester began again, and many mothers began to be busy planning for the new baby. However, there are many varieties of “children's insurance” on the field, and the functions of each variety are different. It i

女士 Ms. Huang of Beidou has entered the newspaper “Volkswagen Hotline” (2528110). Her baby is nine months old. How to apply for medical insurance? With the continuous improvement of the social security system, more and more newborns h

From the birth of the baby, parents will handle a variety of documents and cards for them. Many of them have only one word difference, but the meaning is very different. For example, social security cards and medical insurance cards. What a

Every year, hears a lot of reports about children's helplessness due to lack of money for leukemia treatment; the accidents of drowning accidents are also frequently reported on TV media. When these incidents occur, who will help these innoc

In October, Xia Xiaoguang's family ushered in the long-awaited "baby baby", and the arrival of his son made the air in the home exceptional. Although the baby is not born, it should be considered, but milk powder, diapers, swimming, vaccine

Case situation: To buy 5 cases of children with heavy illness insurance, please help me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the following two. 1. The increase of the life of the star is lifetime, and the payment of 100,000 in 30,000

Since , the number of cases of hand, foot and mouth disease has increased since April. Experts predict that May-July will be a high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease. It is understood that hand, foot and mouth disease is a common inf

As the heart of the parents, every step of the child's growth is firmly in the hearts of the parents. In order to make the children receive a better education, Wang Zicheng’s parents will spend a lot of money on the children’s learning

Buying insurance is a guarantee, and protection is all needed. Therefore, before buying insurance, you must find out: What is insurance? Why buy insurance? What kind of protection do I need most? How much protection do I need? How much insu

Recently, there have been many cases of kindergarten tragedies, and the issue of children's safety and security has been highly valued. In fact, as early as April 2008, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Joint Notic