Analysis of the status quo of commercial banks in the era of Internet banking In the current and in-depth development of economic technology, the use of the Internet has become more and more wide. "The use of the Internet in financial manag

Complete the five steps of the financial investment, help you open the door to the property June will come, seeing the annual college graduate season will begin, a lot of college students will begin to formally go to the workplace. The star

> The three basic principles of investment and financial management As long as there are plans and patience, through the effectiveness of compound interest, long-term investment, systematic investment, long-term, investment income will be e

Chi Lijun, financial planner of China Merchants Bank of China Merchants Bank, believes that it may be entering the interest rate cut cycle. Some wealth management products may be affected by the impact of the financial investment strategy.

Personal online banking inquiry seems to be a dispensable thing for many people, but it has been proved that personal online banking inquiry allows us to manage our online account funds more effectively, which is a good helper for our money

A friend asked, I bought a fund of 100,000. If I redeem it in 2 years, I can earn 10,000. Does it mean that I earned it? Actually it is not. Whether the family finance investment is successful or not depends on whether or not the "earning m

In the environment where the investment market is unstable, the general income of various products is not high, and the credit crisis is more common, the average investor, most of them have lower risk tolerance, prefer to purchase capital-g

The risk of personal wealth management products of commercial banks can be divided into the following three types according to the main components of personal wealth management products: one is the field risk of the basic assets of wealth m

Family and low family There is a big difference in the concept of financial management. The family's financial awareness is more intense. Financial management is definitely not an important means for them to obtain wealth, but because their

Bank which financial products are better? Some people say that the higher the income of the bank's wealth management products, the lower the income is relatively much worse. Others say that bank wealth management products are guaranteed to

Personal Finance You don't know what you are doing. I don't know why I left you. I can't insist that you are crying. Your tears are like heavy rain, and the ground is clear. Just like Wang Lihong’s song sings, there are two people togethe

> Monthly entry into 4000, how to manage money first, forced savings, fund fixed investment every 4000 expenditure 2000, according to the monthly savings of 2000, but only 1000, 1000 actually disappeared. In order to control unnecessary exp