Do foreign exchange where to open an account

People have a variety of financial management methods, and foreign exchange investment is one of the most popular among investors. So, where do foreign exchanges open accounts?

There are two places for foreign exchange investment to open an account. One is a bank and the other is a spot trading platform. I am now doing a trading platform for Elan Financial. I am buying a trading method that is currently sold. Margin trading is not involved. In-kind foreign exchange withdrawal, you can look at the following: http862

Step 1: Fill in the online account opening form

Fill in and submit the online account opening form or directly to our customer service staff.

Step 2: Submit the relevant account opening certificate

About the document description: Please clearly clear the characters and images of the certificate and pass the test.

Step 3: Obtain an account by E-mail

After review, we will notify you by email that the application for account account setup has been approved, and inform you of the account and how to inject funds into the account (" Fund access "column"

Step 4: Wire transfer deposit account (wire transfer, check)

You can choose to transfer funds by wire transfer, credit card, postal check, etc. The funds of the wire transfer can be completed within two working days, there is a bank. The guaranteed cheque is also credited within two days, and the personal cheque takes about 10 days to be liquidated before being credited.

Step 5: Obtain the account password by E-mail

Once your funds arrive, we will send you the 2nd notification letter to inform you of the login name and password required to log in to the real trading platform.