What risks should be paid attention to in foreign exchange m

At present, under the background of the rising US index, the depreciation pressure of the currency has already attracted the attention of all parties. Then, in the case of depreciation of the currency, what risks should be paid attention to in foreign exchange financing?

1. Product credit risk, cumulative income, and greasy

These risks are common in the foreign exchange wealth management products launched by banks, but quite a few ordinary investors do not fully understand. Some wealth management products will add up to three or even five years of earnings, often reaching an astonishing height of 15% or even 20%, but in fact, product managers may terminate the contract early and increase the annualized rate of return. In other words, the actual income of investors is not high.

2, linked to the standard, to prevent currency from being converted

Foreign exchange wealth management products are linked to the interest rate index, but also linked to the exchange rate index, and some linked to gold, to find out whether the product is a structured product, there is no leverage ( very important). If there is leverage, it will often be very serious when losses occur. In addition, investors who prefer leveraged products should also pay attention to lowering positions and it is important to find out the foreign exchange product investment targets. Some wealth management products are designed to return the currency is not the original investment currency. At this time, investors must understand the trend of various currencies beforehand, otherwise they will face the risk of becoming a foreign currency after the expiration of a strong foreign currency investment, resulting in investment income. shrink.

3, early redemption, should carefully calculate the income of

Although many banks of wealth management products allow investors to have early termination of redemption rights. But this redemption of termination is also risky. For example, a bank stipulates in its foreign exchange wealth management product contract that customers need to deduct a certain percentage of the principal if they need to redeem before the product expires. If the deducted principal ratio is 3% and the expected return on the product is 3%, this means that investors will have no return in early redemption.