Planning a big illness for the baby in the house

My baby is now 1 and a half. Now many parents buy insurance for their children. Our family is average, so I would like to ask, what kind of insurance is reasonable for the baby.

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You can use your ID card and your passbook - please pay attention - choose an insurance company - the most important thing is whether this company has prospects, whether it can still lead in the future, but also pay attention to this Whether the company is also developing steadily, as for the protection, it is your heart for the family, and at the same time you can accumulate wealth for yourself... The insurance guarantee function is finally reflected in the payment of insurance money.

But asking an insurance company to pay insurance is not as simple as the word "claims" itself. The insured or the beneficiary suffers a refusal, sometimes due to a mistake in self-insurance or performance; sometimes involving complex legal issues and interpretation of the insurance clause; sometimes it is only a moment of urgency not following the procedure; sometimes it may be insurance The company violates integrity or work mistakes. Ask for insurance money and avoid arrogance, let us help you sort out your clues and get insurance benefits easily and in a timely manner.

Based on the consideration of the appeal, it is more important for you to find insurance. The choice of the salesman: it should have a wealth of knowledge, true personality, responsible character, years of experience in the insurance industry, multiple Claims experience in insurance cases, etc. —— —— It is best to choose the principle of accident, health and education. If you want to know how to buy child insurance, it is important to understand the function of various insurances. For the case of children's insurance, different types of insurance are to solve different problems. The key for parents to buy insurance for their children depends on what parents care most about. There are many types of child insurance on the face, but they can basically be divided into three categories.

The first category: child accident insurance. Children's self-control ability is poor, lively and active, curiosity, and the possibility of accidents is great. According to a survey, accidental injuries have surpassed the disease as the number one killer of children's health.

In the accident, accidental injury is the leading cause of death and disability of children under 18 years old. On average, 139 children suffer accidental injuries every day. In 2003 alone, more than 50,000 children suffered different degrees of injury. According to statistics, children are in infants. The awareness of self-protection in early childhood is relatively poor, and it basically depends entirely on the care and protection of mom and dad.

Children in the primary and secondary schools must bear the responsibility of taking care of themselves, but as a small group, in order to avoid accidents such as car accidents, parents can purchase accident insurance for their children at their discretion. Once the child has an accident, he can get certain financial compensation. This type of insurance is generally not expensive for consumption, only a few hundred a year, and all companies have launched.

The second category: children's health insurance. The survey shows that parents pay special attention to the health of their children. At present, major diseases have a tendency to become younger and younger, and the high medical expenses for major diseases have become a heavy burden for some families. According to the current medical system, children and adolescents are basically without medical security.

Therefore, the use of insurance to share the child's medical expenses has become an important factor to consider when insuring child insurance. The smaller the age of major illness insurance, the cheaper the premium. Take the 0 girl as an example. If the annual payment is only a few hundred or so, you can buy 50,000 guarantees, and the dividends will be guaranteed for life. Such as life's various major diseases (dividends) insurance and so on.

Nowadays, children have a fever and are hospitalized, accumulating, and spending a lot. When considering the purchase of insurance, it is recommended to buy additional inpatient medical insurance. In this way, the child is hospitalized, some medical expenses can be reimbursed, and 20-50 / day hospitalization subsidy is obtained, which is still very worthwhile. Such as children's accidents, medical plans. The third category: children's education savings insurance.

This kind of insurance mainly solves the problem of tuition fees for children going to school in the future or studying abroad. Higher and higher education expenditures, unpredictable futures, give parents a responsibility, and it is necessary to make financial planning and arrangements for children in advance. It is a compulsory savings to raise education costs for children in the form of insurance purchases and to pay insurance on time.

Once an accident occurs with a parent, if you purchase an insurance product that is exempt from premiums, the child will not only be exempted from premiums, but will also receive a living allowance. In addition, the purchase of insurance can also achieve reasonable tax avoidance purposes to a certain extent. Since many insurance companies have introduced education-based children's insurance, the education fund is designed together with the child's death insurance. Compared with the simple investment channels such as savings, the purchase of educational children's insurance has a layer of guarantee function.

If a child is insured, a comprehensive child protection should include the above three types of protection. Some insurance companies can take care of two or three types of insurance products, and some insurances specifically protect one of them. Parents can purchase an insurance product or buy a combination of multiple insurance products. It is best to buy insurance for your child, all of which are guaranteed, taking into account safety, health and education.

Parents should pay attention to the following questions when insuring their children: the correct treatment of child insurance in the family's overall insurance. Who is the first to be insured in a family? Family insurance should be based on couples, supplemented by children. The accident protection, medical security, major disease protection and life insurance protection of the couple, especially the family economic pillar, must be sufficient to ensure that the parent’s economic source is interrupted.At the time, the child can survive through the financial support of insurance and continue to receive a good education.

If parents have more secure coverage in their units and have already purchased enough commercial insurance for themselves, consider buying more insurance for their children. First understand the child's student insurance Before considering buying insurance for your child, you should first understand that the child already has the insurance so that you can avoid repeating unnecessary money.

Therefore, parents who are advised to give insurance to students at school should first understand the specific protection clauses of these insurances, and then look at the child's lack of protection, and then purchase these insurances to supplement. In doing so, it is also possible to supervise the collection of premiums by some schools and not to insure students at all. Different insured priorities for different ages Generally speaking, the earlier the insurance is, the lower the premium is. The more suitable the parents are, the sooner the child gets the protection.

However, if you start thinking about buying insurance for your child now. For children of different ages, the focus of insurance and the amount of insurance will be different. In early childhood, due to the high probability of neonatal death, preschool children have poor resistance and are prone to some epidemic diseases. However, the rate of compensation for death as a condition of payment is not high. Generally speaking, the age of death is insufficient. In 1 week, the proportion of payment accounts for 20% of the insured amount; for children who have completed 1 week but less than 2 weeks, the payment ratio is 40%.

For children who have 2 weeks but less than 3 weeks, the payout ratio is 60%; for children who have 3 weeks but less than 4 weeks, the payout ratio is 80%, and after 4 weeks, the payout ratio can reach 100%. Therefore, it is recommended to buy more hospitalized medical compensation types. A capable parent can consider planning for a child's education.

In the elementary school period, due to the large number of accidents, the investment in accident insurance should be appropriately increased, and the savings of future education funds should be considered when conditions permit. Of course, if the family is in good condition, the savings of future education funds should be considered shortly after the child is born, so that the annual premium burden can be reduced.

The amount of insurance for the child In order to protect the interests of minors, the maximum amount of insurance for children with death as a condition of payment is limited to 50,000, so if you are insured by different insurance companies, you should pay attention to the total amount of insurance, because once insured If the limit is exceeded, the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay the premium.

A child's health illness insurance, medical compensation, etc., which do not use death as a condition of payment, can be insured beyond this limit. In addition, some insurance companies consider this restriction, which stipulates in the clause that if the insured person dies, he will pay five times the insurance amount. This does not violate the insurance amount limit, but also enlarges the security function. This type of insurance can also be considered as an increase in protection.

How much does it cost to buy insurance for children? Overall, the entire family's premiums should be around 10-20% of the total household. As mentioned earlier, most of the insurance expenditure should be used to insure the family's economic pillar, not children. Therefore, children's premiums should not exceed 10% of the total family, depending on the level and source of the parents.

If both husband and wife have social security and medical insurance, but do not buy commercial insurance, mainly from their own work, rather than investment returns, the risk factor is large, and if an accident causes death or loss of ability to work, it will lead to interruption. Bring huge losses to the family.

Therefore, you should buy yourself accident insurance to provide adequate protection for the family. In addition, in order to enable couples to enjoy a higher quality of life after retirement, they should also develop an old-age plan. Medical insurance can optionally purchase major illness insurance to solve the worries. As a result, your premiums will be higher, your child's premiums should be reduced appropriately, and insurance with premium exemptions will be considered.

In addition, when insuring a child with a major illness, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the disease that children should develop, but also the more types of diseases that are insured, the better, although some are only suitable for adults, but our children will grow up, At that time, if the major illness has already been included in the children's medical insurance, it will naturally save the child's expensive and expensive premium burden in the future.