Four points to pay attention to when applying for a loan fro

Bank loan threshold is high, this is a well-known thing, so some borrowers who have repeatedly hit the wall in front of the bank have found a small loan company, but when you look for a loan company to handle loans, you must pay attention to these matters:

one, find the formal Loan company

At present, there are many small loan companies, many of which are liar companies. Therefore, it is best for the borrower to find a small loan company to visit the home to determine its authenticity and formality. At the same time, do not pay any fees before getting the loan, because the regular small loan company does not charge before the loan!

Second, determine the loan amount, the term

Compared with the bank, the loan cost of the small loan company is much higher, so When borrowers apply for loans, they should determine a reasonable loan amount and time limit according to their actual situation, so as to avoid excessive pressure on repayment to affect normal life.

III. Be cautious when the interest rate is too low!

If the borrower encounters a small loan company with a low loan interest rate, he should be cautious. Don’t think that the good thing of “falling the pie in the sky” falls on his head. This is generally a trick of a liar. On the contrary, compared with bank loans, small loan companies have higher fees. Because most of the customers who apply for loans from such lending institutions are not very qualified, in order to control credit risk, ensure the smooth recovery of loans, and give loans to borrowers. The interest rate will not be too low.

IV. I can't get a loan with ID card alone.

Some loan companies claim that they can get loans by ID card alone. This kind of loan company is not formal, because the ID card lending institution cannot examine the borrower's repayment ability. . In fact, formal loan companies require borrowers to submit loan procedures similar to those of banks.