Analysis of foreign exchange loan processing

Students who study abroad can now apply for foreign exchange loans.

The specific circumstances are as follows:

Loan object: Natural persons with full civil capacity, and those who study abroad for master's degree or above.

Loan conditions: local permanent residence or valid residence status, fixed and detailed address; formal admission notice for overseas schools, proof of tuition and living expenses for study abroad during the period of study abroad; The third party guarantor of the assets recognized by the lender, pledge or compensatory and joint liability. The borrower has a certain percentage of the required expenses; other loan conditions stipulated by the lender.

Loan term: The term of study abroad loan is generally 1-6 years, and the specific time limit is determined according to the borrower's attendance and guarantee.

Loan interest rate: the foreign exchange loan interest rate for studying abroad, and the foreign exchange loan interest rate according to the corresponding term in the Bank Foreign Exchange Deposit and Loan Interest Rate Table published by the Executive Bank. The interest rate of the loan for studying abroad, and the interest rate of the same currency for the execution of the bank.

Loan limit: The maximum loan amount does not exceed 80% of the total tuition and normal living expenses of the borrower during overseas study. The maximum loan amount for each borrower is not more than 40,000 US dollars in principle. The specific loan ratio and loan amount are determined by the lender according to the borrower's cost of studying abroad and the guarantee.

Loan application: Proof of valid identification of the borrower, presenting the original passport and providing a copy of the copy.