What are the details of applying for a personal housing disc

The housing subsidy loan is a personal housing policy interest subsidy loan. It refers to the housing provident fund management center and the relevant commercial banks. Commercial personal housing loans issued to commercial banks. Any borrowers who meet the conditions of the central interest subsidy are based on the borrower. Interest subsidies can be granted for the amount of interest that can be applied for. All relevant procedures for the discount business are entrusted to the commercial bank or its entrusted law firm to handle the transaction, and the borrower does not need to apply to the loan center by himself.

What problems and details should you pay attention to when applying for a personal housing discount loan? Below, Xiaobian specially organized several aspects for your reference.

First of all, not all cities can apply for discount loans. Currently, only such loans can be processed.

Secondly, not all commercial banks can apply for discount loans. At present, banks that can apply for discount loans mainly include banks, banks, banks, and banks.

Again, you can apply for a discount loan without purchasing any real estate. Since the villa price is too high, the discount does not affect the interest of the customer, and the customer who purchases the villa is not the object of support. For some low-priced projects, such as affordable housing projects, there is no plan to make interest subsidies, because these projects are still supported by provident fund loans.

At present, the more suitable projects for applying for discount loans are mainly mid-range commercial housing projects. The specific projects that are discounted are determined jointly by the bank and the housing fund management center.