What is the role of property evaluation in real estate mortg

Real estate valuation refers to the real estate price assessment, which is to evaluate the real estate, that is to say, the professional holding the "Real Estate Valuation Personnel Position Certificate" or "Real Estate Appraiser Registration Certificate", according to the valuation purpose, follow the valuation principle, according to Valuation procedures, using valuation methods, based on comprehensive analysis, factors affecting real estate prices, combined with valuation experience and analysis of factors affecting real estate prices, estimates of specific interests in real estate that are most likely to be realized at a given time , speculation and judgment. It is not the pricing of the appraisers, but the process of price formation in the simulation field shows the real estate price. It is professional, technical and complex, and it is a combination of science, art and experience. So what role does real estate appraisal play in real estate mortgage? What are the procedures for real estate appraisal? What are the precautions for housing appraisal in real estate mortgage loans? The following small series answer these questions one by one.

The role of real estate appraisal in real estate mortgage

Before the real estate mortgage loan, the real estate mortgage party often evaluates the real estate mortgage value by entrusting the real estate appraisal agency as a reference basis for determining the real estate mortgage loan quota.

In the real estate mortgage evaluation activity, the real estate appraisers measure the value of the open currency field of the real estate, provide the mortgage value reference, and also analyze the liquidation ability of the valuation object, including the versatility, exclusive use or segmentation of the valuation object. Transferability analysis, assuming the degree of difference between the price and the valuation result most likely to be achieved at the time of auction or sale at the time of valuation, the length of time of realization, the description of the realized expenses, the type of tax and the order of settlement, and the disclosure has been assumed as a hypothesis and constraint Analysis of the realizable factors of the valuation results and the possible impact on the valuation results.

At the same time, the real estate appraisers also hinted at the risks associated with real estate mortgages: including paying attention to the risk of future mortgage value declines, analyzing and analyzing the factors that may lead to the collapse of real estate mortgage value, and assessing the mortgage value of real estate loans. At the time, the changes in the real estate currency market should be considered. The status of the valuation target and the real estate currency market may have an impact on the real estate mortgage value due to time changes. The real estate credit risk concerns that may arise during the mortgage period, and the reasonable use evaluation value, Reassess the value of real estate mortgages on a regular basis or when the price of the real estate currency changes rapidly.

Therefore, when applying for mortgage, the real estate appraisal agency is entrusted to conduct real estate mortgage value evaluation. With the professional help of real estate appraisers, it can improve the real estate credit risk and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.

Procedure for real estate appraisal

(1) Clear assessment of basic matters

Clear evaluation purpose: When accepting the evaluation business, the evaluation purpose is usually proposed by the entrusting party and the evaluation purpose is written on the evaluation report.

Understanding the evaluation object

Determine the evaluation base date: often indicates the evaluation contract by year, month and day:

: It includes the evaluation object, the purpose of the evaluation, the evaluation time point, the evaluation fee, the responsibility of both parties, and the evaluation report.

(2) Formulate work plan;

(3) Field survey and collection of data: Field survey is an important step in real estate appraisal work, and to be recorded;

(4) Calculate the estimated real estate price: in order to obtain a fair Reasonable price is generally based on an evaluation method, supplemented by another one or several evaluation methods, in order to cross-check and test corrections;

(5) Comprehensive analysis to determine the evaluation results;

(6) write evaluation report.

Precautions for Housing Evaluation in Real Estate Mortgage

(1) The assessment agency must be designated or approved by the bank.

(2) The value of the house is not assessed by the bank, but by a professional evaluation company. There are many evaluation companies on the field, usually with banks. Borrowers can also choose to evaluate the company themselves, but they must be accredited by the bank, otherwise the evaluation report is invalid. The general bank will specify the evaluation company.

(3) It takes about a week to get the evaluation report. The assessment results will be used as an important reference factor for the customer loan amount. However, the results of this assessment are not on the spot, and the evaluation company usually takes about a week to submit an assessment report. If you are in a hurry, you need to evaluate the company's “expedited processing” and the evaluation company may charge an additional fee.

(4) The evaluation fee is a few hundred. An assessment fee is required to assess the value of the home, which is borne by the borrower. Different evaluation companies charge different fees. The evaluation fee is also related to the value of the house and the geographical location. The evaluation fee is usually a few hundred.