Say goodbye to financial proof! We can borrow with sesame

On April 8th, Sesame Credit announced that it had reached a “good time loan” under the umbrella of ant micro-loan and “good loan” by Zhaolian Finance. Users with a certain score or more of sesame have the opportunity to use the "flowers" and the qualification of "good loans".

This is also the first time that Sesame Credit has entered the financial sector and access to consumer credit scenarios. Users with sesame scores above 700 points have the opportunity to apply for the opening of a “good loan” with a quota of 2000-10000. The loan period is divided into 3, 6 and 12 months, and can be repaid at any time. The monthly interest is calculated on the day of the month, and the repayment method is equal principal and interest.

It is understood that Sesame Credit will soon be connected to the consumer credit products of ant micro-loan. Sesame credit users can enjoy up to 30,000 credits in “Flower” and can get up to 50,000 personal consumption loans through “borrowing”. The amount applied for by “borrowing” can be withdrawn to the Alipay balance, which is equivalent to obtaining a loan from a bank.

The current application threshold for “borrowing” is that sesame is divided into 600 or more. Depending on the score, the amount of loan the user can apply ranges from 1000 to 50000. The maximum loan repayment period is 12 months, and the loan daily interest rate is 0.045%.

Now, users in the "Fortune" column of Alipay wallet, click into the Sesame Credit Score, you can find the two services of "Flower Life - Finance" in "Credit Life - Finance".

Compared with the traditional personal loan, the borrower does not need to submit complex personal materials and financial proof, just rely on the sesame credit score to judge and check the user's credit level, and complete the loan in 3 seconds. What users enjoy is a more convenient and simple experience.

Since the launch of the public beta on January 28, Sesame Credit has successively connected to life scenarios such as car rental, hotel accommodation, and launched targeted services. Among them, Shenzhou Car Rental has introduced a deposit-free car rental service to users with a sesame credit score of 600 or more. Traveling to go has also launched a "credit live", sesame seeds are more than 600 guests, free of charge before leaving the store to pay.

"As the first product of the personal credit field, Sesame Credit will be open to the formal institutions of the whole society, and will continue to enter various life consumption scenarios and become the infrastructure of the whole society. Sesame Credit can also provide the bottom layer for financial institutions. Credit data and risk control services.” Sesame Credit related person in charge said that there will be more third-party financial institutions to access Sesame Credit in the future, and launch corresponding financial innovation products, let us wait and see!