How to buy insurance for children: preferred critical illnes

The annual summer vacation is coming, and the propaganda of various summer camps, cram schools, and art classes is insane. Where is the summer vacation? Tuition goes also. The reporter's investigation found that during the summer training season, not only the children were “stressed”, but the parents were not relaxed. For the parents of Wang Zicheng, it is necessary not only to consider the various training costs that the children are constantly upgrading, but also to consider the cost of the child's future study in the university or even studying abroad. So, how can parents plan their children's future education investment in advance? Many financial planners interviewed by the reporter pointed out that it is a good choice for parents to choose to purchase children's education gold products. Parents should consider the two aspects when choosing products, that is, medical insurance and education security.

Medical security needs to pay attention to Because children are active, they are prone to diseases and accidents. Therefore, education funds generally follow the principle of “first protection, then financial management”, giving priority to accident insurance, medical care and major illness insurance, and then Consider your child's education and living expenses. CIGNA Insurance expert Huang Xiangwei suggested that parents should fully understand the medical protection when selecting children's education gold products, and choose children's education insurance with exemption clauses for their children. In this way, in the event of an accident in the parents, the remaining premium will be exempted and the insurance contract will continue to be valid. It is understood that the current children's education gold products on the field can generally provide 30 kinds of severe illness protection for children, which can basically resist the major health risks on the road of children's growth, and some products also have value-added services.

Education security varies from person to person In terms of education security, the education fund for children is planned. The more you plan from the time when your child is young, the more you can enjoy the value of time compounding. Parents can provide education for their children through the Children's Education Insurance. Strong protection. At present, most of the education gold insurance mainly deals with the insured returning certain funds when attending high school, university and marriage, but the number of return of different products and the amount of each return are different. Which product can make the insured get more income? It is difficult to make an evaluation. For example, the Talents Education Fund for the Talents has set up a business marriage pension. The child can receive the entrepreneurial marriage bonus in one week for 25 weeks, while the Xinnuo Children's Education Fund Insurance pays more attention to the university and further studies, and can accumulate 400% of the basic insurance amount. Compared with others, CIGNA's payment method is very flexible and user-friendly. It can be adjusted according to the parents' own needs. You can choose to pay for 3 years, 5 years, 8 years or pay to the child 17 to minimize the parents' payment. financial pressure.