What types of education insurance are available?

What are the insurance types of

Education Insurance?

From the perspective of product warranty period, it is mainly divided into lifelong and non-lifetime.

Non-lifelong education gold insurance generally belongs to the real "special funds" type of education gold products, that is to say, in the return of insurance money, it is entirely for the education stage of children, usually when children enter high school, enter The university's two important time nodes begin to return funds every year, and return a fee and account value to the child's college graduation or entrepreneurship stage to help the child get a stable financial support at every important stage of education.

However, lifelong child insurance will take into account one person's changes, and education is only one of the considerations.

Education gold products are basically saving money. Of course, it is the kind that can not be taken out before the mandatory deposit expires. The reason why the insurance company launched this product is mainly because it is forced to save on the one hand, and it can protect the adults on the one hand, if the adults are unfortunately have a major accident. The education of the children can be guaranteed, which is the meaning of insurance.

When buying insurance for a child, first consider the basic protection of the child, that is, accident, hospitalization, major disease protection, and then save the child's education.

When preparing to save the child's education, it is strongly recommended to consider the child's education fund after doing the protection of the adult. In fact, there are insurance plans that can accumulate education funds while giving obstacles. It is necessary to communicate more to truly protect insurance.

The children's products on the field can basically be divided into the following four categories:

The first type, from the beginning of the payment date, returning a certain amount of products every other year or every two years or at intervals of 5 years, each company Most of them come back every two years or once every three years. Most of these types of insurance are guaranteed to children sixty or seventy, or seventy or eighty, or even life.

The second, from the beginning of insurance, to a certain age range, or 20, or 30 or 50 or 60.

The third type, starting from the child's insurance, paying the fee to the middle of junior high school or high school, can be received in a specific junior high school, high school or university stage, or can also be received at the marriage stage, mostly at the university stage.

The fourth kind is a universal insurance or investment-linked insurance with flexibility.