New Year is approaching, insurance is the best gift for chil

The New Year is coming soon, and parents have started to buy their children. In addition to the custom of the Spring Festival, it is necessary to buy new clothes and new red hats in the new year. It is also essential to buy new year gifts. In addition to books and toys, the most practical one is insurance. If parents buy insurance for their children, it will provide them with a perfect guarantee, and they can also educate their children about the risk concept and cultivate their financial interests.

Medicare and learning insurance is the basic guarantee

Medicare is the most basic guarantee, and Xue Ping Insurance is the most extensive and most common type of insurance for children, which can make up for some of the shortcomings of basic medical insurance.

The full name of Xue Ping Insurance is student insurance, which refers to the medical expenses incurred by the insured during the period of insurance, the medical expenses caused by personal injury or death, or the direct economic loss of their personal property. The person is responsible for compensation. Its main insurance liability is divided into four aspects: death protection, accidental disability protection, accidental injury medical insurance and hospitalization medical insurance.

Commercial medical insurance and accident insurance are necessary supplements

In order to get more comprehensive and comprehensive protection, parents can also buy commercial medical insurance and accident insurance for their children, because medical insurance and accident insurance premiums are very cheap, but compared to medical insurance and learning The insurance is more comprehensive, and the guarantee is more comprehensive.

Of course, if the economic conditions allow, you can also buy critical illness insurance and education insurance for your child. Critical illness insurance can give the family the greatest buffer in the event of a major disease risk, so that children can receive timely treatment, while education insurance can solve the child's tuition fees, and even the financial problems of starting a business after graduation, because education insurance is a savings insurance It not only has the function of compulsory savings but also has certain guarantee functions. It can help families to pay for special funds, ensure the expenses of children in the process of studying, and give children more protection.