What are the conditions and related needs of the lender in t

A mortgage-backed consumer loan refers to a loan that the borrower applies for a loan from the bank with the property of himself or a third person as a mortgage, and is used for buying a car, buying a house, etc., and the borrower repays the loan to the bank in a lump sum or one time. Kind of credit. The following small series analyzes and analyzes some of the problems in mortgage loans.

1, the conditions of the lender:

(1) The natural person with full civil capacity, the actual age at the expiration date of the loan is generally not more than 65 weeks;

(2) has a permanent residence, has a fixed residence; Have a legitimate career and a stable source, have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time;

(3) willing and able to provide the mortgage approved by the lender;

(4) The property owner recognizes the loan and guarantee behavior, and is willing to bear the relevant legal liability.

2, the conditions of the mortgaged property:

(1) The property rights of the house should be clear, in line with the conditions of the above-mentioned trading on the state, can enter the real estate market circulation, without any other mortgage;

(2) the age of the house (completed from the house) Calculated from the date) + loan period does not exceed 40 years;

(3) The mortgaged house is not included in the local city renovation and demolition plan, and the real estate department and land management department issued the real estate license and land certificate;

(4) collateral Everyone can be the borrower himself or someone else. Where a property owned by another person is used as a collateral, the mortgagor must issue a written commitment agreeing to the borrower's application for the loan with his property as a collateral, and require the mortgagor and his or her spouse or other property owner to sign.

3, the materials to be submitted by the lender:

The borrower needs to provide the materials:

(1) ID card, household registration;

(2) personal certificate (with official seal of the unit);

(3) business unit Copy of license (with official seal);

(4) Marriage certificate;

(5) Borrower's spouse ID card, residence book;

(6) House ownership certificate, original purchase agreement and photocopy;

(7) House The owner and the co-owner agree to the notarized certificate and the proof of use of the loan.

Different types of houses need to prepare different materials, as follows:

Existing house mortgage:

(1) Real estate mortgage contract (signature of both parties);

(2) House ownership certificate;

(3) Copy of land use right certificate (Original inspection);

(4) "Evaluation report of real estate" issued by a qualified evaluation agency;

(5) Bank loan contract;

(6) Proof of husband and wife relationship and copy of both ID cards (original), single A certificate issued by the civil affairs department at the place where the household registration is located.

期房 mortgage:

(1) pre-sale contract for purchase;

(2) contract with the bank to sign a house loan;

(3) copy of the pre-payment receipt of the purchase (original);

(4) copy of the husband and wife marriage certificate (Examination of the original), the certificate issued by the civil affairs department of the locality where the household is located.