What is the difference between a credit loan and a credit ca

Credit loan refers to a loan issued in the creditworthiness of the borrower. The borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. The characteristic is that the debtor can obtain the loan only by its own credit without providing collateral or third-party guarantee, and the credit degree of the borrower is used. Repayment is guaranteed.

Credit card loan means that the bank gives a certain amount according to the credit card holder's credit status, and the cardholder can use the credit card for credit card consumption. Credit card loan repayment methods are divided into one-time repayment and amortization.

What is the difference between a credit loan and a credit card loan?

1. Different carriers

It is not difficult to see from a literal point of view that credit card loans rely on credit card platform to carry out credit card staging or cash pre-borrowing business; while credit loans are attached to the trust of the borrower's qualifications. funds.

2, the loan amount is different

Many card friends' credit card quotas are difficult to break through the 20,000 mark, and some even can't get rid of the 4-digit "curse". If you want to loan travel, car purchase, decoration, it seems that Some are stretched.

In contrast, credit loans appear to be generous, and the amount is more than 10 times that of individuals. If you exceed 2000, your credit line can easily exceed credit cards.

3, loan term is different

In general, credit card installment is mainly short-term, the longest number is only 24, which is 2 years, while the credit loan is laid a long-distance running route, the longest period can be Up to 5 years.

4. Different capital costs

In terms of capital cost, the credit card is selected for 12 months, the handling fee is roughly 7.2%, and the credit loan is in the range of 7%-22%. Obviously, the capital cost of credit loans has almost no advantage.

But the facts are not. At this moment, I suddenly think of a classic: sometimes the eyes don't necessarily see it, but it doesn't really make you see it. In fact, credit card staging is a big deal in terms of calculation methods, which confuses consumers.

Under the rules of the game of repaying part of the principal and interest on a monthly basis, even in the last issue, credit card installments are obligated to charge a full fee of 7.2%.

While the credit loan is actually charged according to the actual principal. If it is 10%, then it is 10%.

In terms of capital cost, the two are so high and low, everyone really has a steelyard, so we can only look at the "surface kungfu"

5, the prepayment rules are different

. In addition to the clock in the calculation method, credit card staging Also like to make a fuss on early repayment.

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