The strongest Raiders - renovation loan

Renovation loan refers to a personal loan business launched by a bank or consumer finance company for the purpose of decorating a home with a consumer who owns the home.

There are four main application methods: personal credit loans, personal consumption loans, financial company consumer loans and credit card installment loans.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce the concept and method of decoration loan, so that everyone can understand more clearly and choose the loan method that suits them.

The specific loan method is as follows:

Personal credit loan

This type of decoration loan is an "unsecured loan", and the unsecured unsecured loan is the preferred one. The lender needs to meet the basic conditions: there is a stable job and the current unit has been working at least for the time specified by the bank, and the deposit and loan credit rating is good. At the time of application, you should also issue a list of telephones, water and electricity bills that prove your home, and personal certificates issued by the units. These are important materials for the bank to examine the nature of the applicant's work, the industry, and the situation. At the same time, the bank will investigate the applicant's credit quality based on the individual's bank card record, deposit and loan bills. Personal credit loans are used for a wide range of purposes, including personal training, buying a house, and traveling abroad. Renovation loans are one of the most important aspects.

Personal consumption loan

Relative to personal credit loans, personal consumption loans are basically a kind of mortgage loan. Applicants use their fixed assets such as real estate as collateral to apply for loans. Banks have introduced this method for a long time, and consumers know more about it. Different banks have different requirements on the price and real estate area of ​​the mortgaged property of the applicant. In addition, the evaluation results are also affected by the individual's credit qualification and the external factors of the property (such as geographical location, future changes, etc.). .

Consumer finance company renovation loan

In addition to the first three ways to obtain loans from banks, consumers can also apply for loans from consumer finance companies. This method has a long history in foreign countries and has been more common in recent years. Consumer finance companies mainly provide the financial products needed by commercial banks and credit card customers, and the project is full, making up for the shortage of bank loans. Similar to banks, consumer finance loans are also classified into mortgages and unsecured loans, and unsecured loans are more common. The biggest advantage is that the approval is fast and the loan period is short, but the interest rate is much higher than the bank interest rate.

Credit card installment decoration loan

Credit card is convenient and fast to use, which not only improves the bank's return on capital, but also brings convenience to consumers' small loans. Many banks have implemented credit card installment refining loans. If the amount required is small, they can also use the credit card to withdraw cash. The former method has limitations on the object, usually civil servants, teachers, bank staff, and managers of large state-owned enterprises with relatively stable positions. At the same time, some banks also require lenders to provide real estate certificates. In the latter case, banks There is no requirement for the type of applicant, the credit rating is different, and the amount of each withdrawal is different. Consumers must repay on time as required by the bank.