What problems should be paid attention to when buying a hous

Many people always have two extremes when they loan. One is how much they can borrow, and the other is to try to borrow less. From the point of view of actual operation, these two practices are actually unacceptable and are a kind of irrational behavior. The most reasonable method should be to consider how much money to borrow from the family situation of their own assets, and make a rough assessment of their assets and credit status before the loan.

If our assets are in good condition and the banks have large deposits, but there are no other channels and higher channels, then we will choose less loans, so that our interest will be less. Another situation is that if the funds in our hands are invested in wealth management products such as funds and futures, and the rate of return is higher than the interest we pay, then we will choose to borrow more.

Buying a new house, the most important thing is the house itself. When buying a house, be sure to see whether the property is complete with “five certificates” (state-owned land use permit, land use planning permit, project planning permit, project start-up permit, commercial house pre-sale permit), how to optimize the developer, etc. The large-scale real estate project developed by the developer is more secure.

Compared with the first-hand house, the choice of second-hand housing is often larger, including the type of apartment, the price level, the location of the real estate, etc., are more abundant. Therefore, in the process of viewing the house, the waiting family can use a second-hand house in the same lot as a candidate, and make a decision after comparing the multiple indicators one by one, without having to worry about whether it is a new house. The problem of the age of second-hand housing, this is the aspect that must be paid attention to when buying a house. Because the property has a time limit for property rights, in other words, it is age. The older the house, the lower its realizing value. Moreover, the structure and supporting facilities of a house with a long period of time are relatively backward. When such a house goes to the bank to apply for a mortgage, it often cannot obtain the corresponding **, and even there is the risk of refusing to lend.

Mortgage Monthly: See

For most young people, because the time to enter the society is relatively short, the accumulation of funds is often limited, and the expenses for decoration and preparation for weddings after purchase are relatively large. At this time, buying a house often requires the help of family elders. Therefore, when buying a house, you must make a special purchase budget and purchase real estate within the economic range. Nowadays, many developers usually have a large amount of one-time payment. If the economic conditions permit, one-time payment is definitely the best choice. If you do not have such a large financial capacity, you must choose a mortgage loan to buy a house.

Loan purchase must first consider the total house price that it can afford. Generally speaking, the down payment of a house will not be less than 30% of the total price. Therefore, new people should consider the total house price, the down payment amount and the monthly loan repayment amount when they choose a house. Under normal circumstances, the monthly repayment amount of new people is best controlled within 50% of the total family, so that basic daily life can be basically not affected.

In addition, a staff member of the research department of a real estate agency said that there are many ways to repay commercial loans. If it is stable, you can choose the repayment method of equal principal and interest. The monthly repayment amount is equal, which is convenient for arranging capital expenditure, but the disadvantage is that the total interest expense is the highest among all repayment methods.

If you are relatively comfortable at hand, consider choosing the method of repayment of the same amount of principal. Although this kind of repayment method has a relatively high monthly supply and a large repayment pressure, it can save a lot of interest expenses compared with the equal principal and interest, and the monthly supply is gradually reduced, which is conducive to arranging other financial planning.

If each is high and stable, consider using a two-week repayment method. Biweekly interest and less than the equivalent principal and interest, and the loan amount is stable, will not bring the problem of initial monthly supply pressure. From the perspective of the interest and the difference between the two-week supply and the equal principal and interest, taking the same loan amount as an example, the longer the loan term, the greater the difference between interest and interest, and the more appropriate the choice is for the two-week supply. However, there will be a repayment of three times a month in a few months, which will increase the repayment pressure at a certain stage to some extent.

Repaying loans in advance: Looking at the funds

Ms. Zhang, who was looking at the house before, is a buyer who has researched the loan purchase. She said, “Do not exceed your ability to buy a house. If the monthly loan amount is too high, In the event of an emergency, it is difficult to deal with it. The married people should choose the type of long loan period according to their own circumstances, on the one hand, relieve their own repayment pressure and ensure the quality of life after marriage; on the other hand, if the cause If the development is smooth, you can repay the loan in advance."

Repayment problem in advance, this problem is also often encountered. The reason is nothing more than fluctuations and changes in bank interest rates. Many young people start buying houses at the beginning of their careers. Due to weak economic strength and low repayment ability, the application for mortgages is generally longer. Subsequent increases, coupled with the rise in bank interest rates, many people have plans to repay loans in advance. But you need to think carefully about the question of whether it is cost-effective. Therefore, for this part of the friends, when buying a wedding room, the factor of early repayment should be taken into account.

Many banks have found early repayment business. Mortgage loans generally use the "personal housing portfolio loan" method, which consists of housing provident fund loans and housing commercial loans. If the buyers choose this type of loan, the first commercial loan will be "**". Since the provident fund loan contains the policy subsidy component, the loan interest rate is much lower than that of the commercial loan. Therefore, it is relatively cost-effective for the purchaser to return the commercial loan with higher loan interest rate in advance.

per homeThe bank's early repayment of loans is roughly divided into two categories: full prepayment and partial prepayment. All prepayment methods are the most expensive method, and the procedure is the easiest. However, borrowers must choose this method to do their best, and they cannot disrupt other capital plans for all bank debts in advance.

After repayment of loans: sales *

Do not think that the loan can be completed completely after the completion of the loan, after repaying the loan, you must remember to apply for cancellation. Since many lenders are relatively indifferent to the right to pledge, they often forget to go to the property rights department to cancel the cancellation after the early repayment, so that although the loan is paid off, the house is still in the property rights department for filing, which will bring future housing transactions. Necessary trouble. When the lender goes through the cancellation, it needs to apply for a refund of the * pledge certificate at the bank, go to the housing and pledge property department to apply for cancellation of the registration form (be careful not to cross-regional processing), and finally attach the purchase contract or title certificate for cancellation.

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