Children's accidental injury insurance 200,000

Every parent wants their children to grow and be happy. But accidents in life are unpredictable and happen from time to time. In order to build a safe "wall" for their children, parents have purchased children's accidental insurance for their children. So, can children's accidental injury insurance cover 200,000?

Children's accident insurance is also called accident insurance for children. It is accident insurance designed for children and young people.

Officially solicited opinions on the "Notice on Issues Concerning Parents' Insurance for Their Underage Children with Death as a Benefit for Life Insurance (Consultation Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Consultation"). In the "Request for Comments", when parents purchase life insurance with death as a condition for their minor children, they no longer adopt a "one size fits all" insurance limit for the minors, but set different insurance amounts according to the age group.

The "Consultation" stipulates that for the personal insurance that parents insure for their minor children, before the insured adult, the insurance amount of the insured's death payment agreed in each insurance contract, and the insurance company when the insured dies The sum of the actual insurance premiums shall be paid according to the following limits: (1) For the insured person who is less than 10 weeks, it shall not exceed 200,000 yuan. (2) For an insured person who has been in full 10 weeks but has not completed 18 weeks, it shall not exceed 500,000 yuan.

With the rapid development of the social economy, the current 100,000 death benefit insurance for minors can no longer meet the protection needs of minors. Here, Xi Cai Xiaobian recommends a cost-effective children's accident insurance - life comprehensive accident basic plan. This product is an accidental injury, accidental medical streamlined and practical combination, a comprehensive accident protection plan for children, workers, white-collar workers, middle-aged and old people with streamlined, practical and cost-effective!

For example: Zhao Xuefeng, 35, often working in high places, belonging to the fourth type of occupation - the outdoor and high of the plasterer, taking into account the long-term high-risk operations, so I purchased a copy of the basic plan of the Xi Cai Comprehensive Accident on the insurance network, the premium 60 /year. During the insurance period, the following security benefits are available: 1,100,000 accidental injury protection. 2, 10000 accidental medical treatment.