How to choose baby insurance

is a parent. I always hope that my child can grow up healthily and have a bright future. How to choose baby insurance is the biggest headache for parents. If the baby chooses the most suitable insurance?

How to choose

for infant insurance to purchase insurance for the baby's preferred health insurance, because the child's health problems most affect the family financial arrangements. How to choose health insurance?

Infant health insurance is mainly divided into three types: one is outpatient insurance; the other is critical illness insurance; and the other is hospitalization insurance.

1, the outpatient insurance does not need to buy

Everyone knows that the frequency of infants seeing outpatients is relatively high, but the loss is relatively small, there is no need to buy insurance.

Infants may see one or two outpatient clinics per month, each time spending between 1 and 200. If reimbursement claims are made each time, the administrative cost of the round-trip courier plus the claim check may need thirty or forty, which already occupies the claim. Part of the amount. In the process of operating an insurance company, the cost will be passed on to consumers and the premium will be increased. The final result is that the cost of outpatient reimbursement has no high value to the customer.

Therefore, for the outpatient risk, we can not be placed on the insurance company, but we take the risk ourselves, and reserve a certain amount of money every month.

2, critical illness insurance must be bought, and the sooner the better

baby once the illness, the medical expenses will be huge, even if you have other better medical reimbursement programs, you also need to spend money first, if your Cash is tight, and family finances will enter a state of tension. Therefore, insuring serious illness can make family property not too tight.

What is the appropriate amount of insurance for infants with severe illness insurance? It is recommended to use 500,000. However, the amount of critical illness insurance varies greatly from place to place. For example, it is appropriate for adults to purchase a critical illness insurance amount of 350,000. However, minors do not have reimbursement for medical insurance for severe illness, so the insurance amount is more than 500,000. should.

The reason why infants must buy insurance is

1. The cost of treatment for children with major diseases is high, at least 400,000 cases, which has a great impact on families;

2, the incidence of severe illness in children is high, and the number of patients with malignant tumors in 0-14 children is about 40,000 per year. And the growth rate is 2%;

3, the cure rate of children's severe diseases is high, the most common cure rate of childhood malignant lymphoma is 85%, the cure rate of childhood leukemia is also above 80%;

4, the mortality rate of children with severe disease is low, The mortality rate of malignant tumors before 20 is significantly lower than that of other age groups;

5, the earlier the purchase of children's protection, the lower the premium and the longer the protection period.