Baby's critical illness insurance should also be bought earl

Now many young parents are thinking about the child's education gold arrangement after the baby is born. I don't know that the most important thing for the baby is not education insurance. You should buy the protection product on the basis of perfecting the social medical insurance. Serious illness and so on.

Below are a few examples that happened to me.

1, this year our Qingcao Service Department received two cases, all of which were schoolchildren who died of brain tumors. The parents of the two children were in grief and had to bear huge medical expenses because the two children were not only medically There is no insurance insurance for serious illnesses other than Xueping Insurance.

2, I have a colleague's baby who was in the first grade this year, but she has had a history of leukemia for many years, and she has to be treated every year, although the country now has a lot of reimbursement for leukemia children, but the children's Who can share the pain for her?

3, I took my baby in the hospital this summer, and I have more babies in the hospital. The most serious thing is that a baby has a tumor at birth, lives in an incubator, and inserts an oxygen tube. I saw all my heart.

I believe that every friend will have such a case around you. ...

Through several cases happening around you can clearly see that the current major diseases are not the patents of adults, especially the elderly, the ageing is becoming more and more serious, and it is imperative to buy a baby with a serious illness!