"Sixty one gives the child a gift. Choose a big illness.

According to the data from the fifth census, the current population of children accounts for 22.89% of the total population. According to this ratio, the number of children and adolescents has reached 270 million. According to previous surveys, according to the current average living standard, raising a child from birth to growing up, a rough estimate requires 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, which does not include the medical expenses required for the child's growth, and the child from above. Non-compulsory education fees such as admission subsidy, school selection fee, class selection fee, and counseling fee from the beginning of the kindergarten to high school.

There have been specialized agencies surveying 319 families with 0-10 children. The results show that about 50% of parents are anxious about planning their children's future in the context of increased employment pressure. According to experts, in Western developed countries, various types of child insurance policies are one of the seven or eight policies that must be bought by people. It can help young parents better plan their future for their children.

As the economy grows and living standards improve, parents are paying more and more attention to children's insurance issues. In recent years, while insurers have been sticking to the danger scenes, they have turned their attention to children's playgrounds and launched new types of insurance for children. How to choose the child insurance suitable for your child in a wide variety of products? What principles should be followed when insuring? What problems should you pay attention to? What misunderstandings need to be avoided? This article will give some suggestions to parents and friends, hope to be in "June 1" The season gives the children a quality gift.

Children's insurance follows three principles. Experts suggest that insurance experts recommend that when new born babies or preschool children choose insurance, in addition to paying attention to ensuring that they are as comprehensive as possible, they should also abide by the following three principles: the order of insurance: first adult, After the child. In a family, parents are the mainstay of the family's economy. Only by ensuring the healthy and stable economy of the parents, the protection of the children is not empty talk. The premiums paid for children each year should not exceed the parents' premiums. If they cannot be balanced, they should be dominated by adults.

After purchasing appropriate insurance, both husband and wife have economic strength. They should first consider purchasing medical expenses and accidental injury insurance for their children. If the economy allows, you can also consider insuring savings-type insurance, education-saving savings, and so on. Buying a pension insurance for your child should be the final consideration. Of course, the sooner you buy it, the lower the cost.

Payment period: not too long. The payment period for insurance products purchased by parents for their children can be concentrated before the child is underage. After he grows up, he can choose his own suitable insurance for his insurance.

Guarantee period: can be relatively long. The insurance coverage for children's insurance is not necessarily high, but it should be faithfully accompanied by children through every critical stage of growth. Regulation: Underage insurance under 18 weeks shall not exceed 50,000 yuan (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

It is worth noting that as a parent, the child's insurance amount does not need to be as high as the insurance. The scientific method is to buy some accident insurance, medical insurance, children's major illness insurance, education money for the child. Most parents will help their children with insurance. Many parents will buy life insurance for their children under the recommendation of the agent. This is actually a big misunderstanding. Parents can only manage the baby 25, they will buy it when they grow up, parents do not have to go to the heart, to consider their life.

Intimate reminder, parents care for children in all aspects of life and all aspects of life, then what should be paid attention to when buying child insurance? The status of child insurance in the overall family insurance, who is the first to be insured in a family? Many parents It is natural to assume that the child should be insured first. The traditional concept makes parents always want to get the child and the child first. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the concept. Family insurance should first protect the couple and protect the children. Both sides of the couple, as the economic pillar of the family, must guarantee the accident, medical care, major illnesses and life insurance to ensure that in the event of an accident in the parents, when the economic source is interrupted, the child can survive through the financial support of insurance and continue Receive a good education. It is appropriate to purchase insurance with the proportion of households. Experts say that according to the national conditions, premiums can account for 10%-20% of the total amount, and the insurance amount is 5-10 times of the year. Buying insurance products in childhood is generally cheaper than buying them in adulthood, and it is also a more economical practice. The baby can get insurance protection from a very young age. Depending on the level of the family, parents can choose different types of insurance. Low families can consider low-income and high-protection personal insurance. In addition to high-income families, they can also purchase some insurance with both death and survival protection. , or a dividend-type product. The meaning of education insurance - special funds, insurance is to determine the use of certain money, mandatory savings, special funds, effective to achieve future financial planning goals. Some people may say that I will save my child now, and it is a considerable amount of education money when my child grows up. However, the proportion of people who can continue to save for 10 consecutive years or more has not been much. And as the central bank cuts interest rates, the rate of return on savings is declining. In addition, insurance is the only wealth management product with the function of “snow in the snow”, which can provide children with perfect risk protection. Should pay attention to the exemption clause of children's insurance, insured child insurance, it is best to choose insurance products with exemption clauses, because the exemption clause in the children's insurance stipulates that during the contract period, if the insured has an accident or loses the ability to pay, it can be exempted. Unpaid premiums and insurance coverage for the insured are still valid.