What are the common loan scam methods in online loans?

The credit crunch and the high threshold for bank loans have made many borrowers who are already stretched and stretched. They feel that “the loan is difficult and difficult to get up to the sky”. As the demand for private loans is more and more unacceptable, the online loan scam begins to rise. In the end, what kind of behind-the-scenes black hand scams in the network? In the end, how to prevent such scams? The following small series will take you to analyze the common methods used in online loan scams.

1. It is said that it can be used in the loan

. Because the loan business cannot be operated across regions, in a sense, even the strongest organization is difficult to extend the business tentacles, so if the liar does not know how to act, confidence Fully claiming that he was able to lend money, then he was eager to see the money.

2. The contact method is extremely simple.

Regular institutions have fixed office places and contact information. If the other party always uses QQ and mobile phone numbers as a bridge for communication, and is asked that the fixed telephones are often blocked for various reasons, then the back must be There is another hidden feeling.

3. Charges before lending

Regular institutions are quite understanding, without exception, borrowing first, and charges are later. Only the unscrupulous criminals who have ulterior motives will reverse the process, and outline a loan world that charges first and then lends money. In fact, after the money is received, it has evaporated and disappeared.

4. Stealing bank flow concept

Submitting bank water, this is to prove the actual situation, but the liar uses the novice to understand the world of the loan, stealing the concept of bank flow, claiming to open a personal account in a bank, and The deposits will be accessed back and forth, and a perfect bank flow will be released. However, if you believe in the lie and follow the instructions of the scammer, leave the contact number for their mobile number and reveal heavy information such as your name, bank account number, etc., even if there is no password, the card funds are The short-selling situation is also difficult to escape from the "robbery", but it can be said that it has been taken seriously and it is impossible to prevent it. The reason is that using Alipay to transfer money, knowing the above information and mobile phone verification code is enough. Simply put, three heavy information is enough to top the "gold content" of a password.

The most effective way to deal with these loan scams is to find a formal institution to handle through formal channels. However, as a person who wants to apply for an unsecured loan, understanding the characteristics of some unsecured loan scams is also conducive to avoiding unsecured loan scams. Better protect your own economic interests.