Analysis of what preparations need to be made in advance whe

Since the beginning of the year, the number of people buying loans has increased. When buying a house, especially when buying a second-hand house, it is necessary not only to prepare loan materials, contact agents, but also to fight with the owners. Many people's process of buying a house is "one twist and three", and even the dispute is continuous, because there is no preparation in advance, then what should I pay attention to when buying a house?

Timely signing before the loan to avoid the owner's "one room for sale"

Many of the housing sales disputes are caused by the owner's “selling more than one room”, which brings great property disputes and economic losses to the buyers. Therefore, before the loans, the buyers must take precautions against the owners' small tricks. When buying a house, the buyer must first use the form of fund supervision and fund custody to conduct transactions with the owner. At present, all the districts in the real estate area have been included in the scope of fund supervision. The transaction can be made through timely online signing and fund supervision. More transparent. Secondly, after signing and purchasing a house contract, both parties to the transaction must go to the Housing Exchange Center to register and record, and can effectively avoid the situation of “one room for sale”.

Understand the property rights of the owner's house. Check whether the loan is eligible for

. Before buying a house, the buyer must also determine the property rights of the property under the owner's name and check whether he has the right to purchase the loan. For example, if the owner's real estate is an affordable housing, then only when the expiration of 5 years has elapsed, such economically affordable housing can be eligible for trading, and the property rights can be fully transferred. If the owner's home is a small property, it cannot be traded. In addition, similar to some purchased public housing, although it is individual independent property rights, if the purchase contract or agreement cannot be provided, the bank may not be able to apply for loans due to credit risk and liquidity.

Check the mortgage situation of the house to determine whether the owner has settled the loan

Most of the owner's housing is also purchased through loans, so if it is a house that has not yet settled the loan, then the bank does not accept the second mortgage, so The purchaser must determine the mortgage of the purchased house before buying the house. Before applying for a loan, the purchaser may go to the Housing Authority where the house belongs to inquire about the specific loan repayment situation of the house, and check whether the purchased house has already settled the loan. If the landlord has not settled the loan, it needs to settle the loan. Can apply for a mortgage.

Fully understand the property before the loan Flexible determination of the loan method

Different loan methods for different ages, areas and housing prices. Similar to some small-sized houses, if the total price is low and the age is old, it is more appropriate to choose a provident fund loan. If it is a second-hand house with a large apartment area and a high total price, it is more appropriate to choose a commercial loan or a combination loan. The purchaser should judge the loan method according to his or her own economic situation, or apply for a mortgage through an intermediary to find the loan plan that suits him best.