Analysis of the materials and conditions required for enterp

An enterprise legal person refers to a legal social economic organization that has the legal requirements for registering a certain amount of funds, such as the name of the enterprise, the articles of association, the organization, the fixed address, etc., and can independently bear civil liability and be approved by the national competent authority to obtain legal person status. Enterprises in the process of running will always encounter different economic problems, this corporate legal person must face, corporate loans are inevitable, then what materials and conditions do companies need to handle corporate loans? The following is a small series of Some information, I hope to help everyone.

Legal person loan requirements:

1. Submit basic information

Must submit the applicant's second-generation ID card, personal address certificate (including electricity, water and other daily expenses and business entity certificate. Proof must be legal and effective

2. Submit the business certificate and certificate

Submit the business license certificate provided by the relevant state agencies, and the account flow information of the last 6 months.

3. Time limit

Different corporate legal persons applying for loans, whether they are self-employed or Shareholders with shares must operate for one year before they can apply.

4. Submit the property certificate

Mainly to submit the real estate license or purchase contract, purchase invoice and loan contract, once to prove that the individual's residence meets the review requirements.

5 , credit record

If the legal person borrows in the name of an individual, he cannot perform the company's finances, and needs personal work certificates and certificates. Banking information in Ming and in recent months, as well as whether personal credit has a bad record and whether the borrower has recorded a major illegal act. This is an important part of financial lending institutions.

Corporate loans are similar to corporate loans. It can be classified into a class, called a public loan. The materials required for a legal person loan are as follows:

1. Basic information: such as a business license (positive, copy) that has passed the annual inspection and passed the annual inspection;

2. Business owner and related Personnel information: such as legal representative and valid identity documents of spouses;

3. Business materials, such as financial statements, bank account flow, etc.;

4. Mortgage materials, such as proof of vesting/pledge pledge;

5 Other materials required for the loan.