Summer vacation, don't forget to buy accident insurance for

Summer vacation is a “high-risk period” for child safety accidents. Parents should pay attention to the safety of their children and also need to give their children “insurance”. In particular, some students who plan to travel during the summer vacation, participate in summer camps, or work in summer vacations, parents should also prepare appropriate insurance for their children. Insurance experts pointed out that in fact, there are flaws in purchasing insurance for children. As long as they are traveling, whether they are traveling or participating in summer camps or summer jobs, they only need to insure comprehensive accident insurance, while outbound travel can choose overseas travel insurance.

Comprehensive accident insurance and accidental injury Feng is a public elementary school teacher in Huangpu. When the summer vacation arrives, she and the old fair plan to take the children to go outside for a while, but due to the hot weather, Feng teacher is worried about the child's heatstroke, or the soil is not convinced. Will bring trouble to the journey. Therefore, Teacher Feng thought of buying insurance for the child. “Whether you are traveling, attending a summer camp, or a student studying at home, or working on a summer vacation, you only need to buy a comprehensive accident insurance.” Mr. Liu, a senior marketing consultant for a foreign-invested insurance company, said that comprehensive accident insurance generally includes accidental injury protection. The accidental injury medical insurance and other parts have already covered the accident protection that children need. Due to the regulations, the maximum insured amount for underage children is only 100,000, and it is not necessary to purchase accident or travel accident insurance.

outbound students who can buy travel accident insurance along the , ​​may plan to travel out of the country this summer. Last year's Korean aviation accident left many parents with a shadow. If the children are happy to go out, it is the most worrying thing for parents to come back safely. And if it is a "bear child" who likes to be naughty, parents have added a layer of worry about their children making trouble outside the country. "Children outbound travel is usually accompanied by parents, at least with the group." Mr. Liu said that the advantage of traveling with the group is the protection of travel agency liability insurance, but travel agency liability insurance is the responsibility of travel agencies, not including children. Protection. Therefore, when parents choose insurance for their children, especially "bear children", they must choose travel accident insurance that includes personal responsibility. In addition, an important element in the selection of overseas travel insurance is emergency assistance. Whether it is a lost wallet, a lost passport, or a child’s care after an adult’s insurance, you can call the rescue hotline. Therefore, the insured must carefully understand the content of the emergency rescue service and the level of service of the overseas rescue company that provides the service.