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One foot and three inches of baby, ten and eight years of work. Children are the crystallization of every family, and it is the greatest wish of every parent to make them spend. However, looking back on this summer vacation, children's reports of accidents have occurred frequently, which has made children's insurance more concerned. It has also caused many parents to "buy insurance for their children, but they don't know how to buy!" Aside from the variety of insurance products on the field, recently, the reporter interviewed senior professionals in the life insurance branch of the life insurance branch, the property insurance branch and the insurance center to give parents a gift, such as children to buy insurance?

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Medicare and schooling are indispensable . It is a child's nature. Maybe adults think it is dangerous. It is a tempting game for children. Children at this age are also physically weak and vulnerable to pathogens. Viral diseases such as "hands, feet and mouths" are most likely to occur in kindergartens. The relevant person in charge of the property insurance branch reminded parents that for the characteristics of the children at the stage of 0 to 6, on the basis of handling the basic medical insurance for urban residents, they should also purchase the kindergarten insurance in their kindergartens and schools. According to reports, the school is handed over every year, and it is purchased by the kindergarten or school. It only needs to pay dozens of premiums per year, which can compensate for accidental injuries and hospitalization. Take the insurance products that are sold in property insurance as an example. Whether it is a cold, fever or pneumonia, you can get up to 20,000 yuan for hospitalization. For other major diseases, the medical expenses are between 30,000 and 50,000, and the accidental medical expenses are about 5,000.

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Begin to start education reserve "According to your family situation, buy insurance for children with the function of education reserve. In the long run, it has higher income and can protect the health of children. The best choice for buying insurance at this age is.” The relevant personnel of the Life Insurance Branch told reporters. For example, a “children's two insurance” that is being sold by Life is an example of this insurance, which shows a strong appeal to parents in terms of education gold reserves. If the insured is 18 years old, the education fund can be paid at 80% of the insured amount; if the insured person is 22 years old, the insured can receive the advanced gold according to 80% of the insured amount. The insured person can receive the venture capital at 80% of the insured amount if he or she is 25 years old. The insured person can receive insurance premiums and bonuses at 60% of the insured amount when he or she is 30 years old. And the policy will be distributed from the effective date, accumulating interest, and having the current high price of the policy, which can be used for multiple purposes and more fortune. And this insurance also has performance in terms of health protection.

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Investment-type insurance is favored "In the face of children who are about to enter 18, deep-funded gold, entrepreneurship, marriage, pensions and accidents and serious illnesses should be considered, which requires parents in a timely manner. Planning to make good fortune for children." In the middle of insurance, Peng Xiusheng, the manager of the district headquarters, introduced the insurance “Wanjia two-insurance” as an example. According to reports, the insurance dividends are different from other insurance companies. They also take out the “end dividend” part to pay dividends to policyholders, so the insured will have more income. In addition to this part of the added value, this "Wanjia two-insurance" also has 1.5 times the maturity survival payment, 2.5 times the death of the disabled, 32 kinds of severe illness protection and cancer additional protection, conversion pension Annuities, premium exemptions, and other terms that are sufficient to attract customers have been selling well in recent times. Speaking of the precautions for purchasing child insurance, Peng Xiusheng reminded parents that only when they are good, the child can be good. Therefore, when you buy insurance for your child, you must first buy insurance for yourself. Then it is important to note that there is no premium exemption in the insurance clause. Because there is only a premium exemption clause, if after the insurance is insured for a certain period of time, the insured person is unable to pay the premium due to accidental injury or accidental injury to the body, the insured will continue to enjoy the corresponding protection, so as to completely solve the worries of the parents.