ICBC accelerates the healthy development of personal busines

Since 2012, the bank branch has taken the development of personal business loans as an important starting point for accelerating the expansion of the “two small” field and competing for high-end customers. At the same time, it has continuously explored the development of key commodities for personal business loan business and conducted in-depth marketing on the trading floor. .

First, do a good job in marketing skills training. For the purpose of improving the business quality of account managers, we use a combination of centralized learning and paper testing to increase the knowledge of customer manager credit business training, familiar with the characteristics of personal loan products and process, master marketing selling points, and continuously improve account managers. Field marketing capabilities, business processing capabilities and risk identification capabilities.

Second, do a good job in professional field marketing. With the local major commodity trading market as the marketing target, the “Business Friends Club” was established, and the promotion of the loan brand was promoted by the platform of the business friend club to expand the influence of the market. Each outlet uses the weekend to organize teams to go deep into the field. Through the combination of set-up and visits, the merchants conduct “pull-net” marketing, comprehensively grasp the needs of merchants' financial services, and promote and promote financial products on a case-by-case basis.

Third, do a good job in the "community line" marketing activities. Proactively contact the community, make full use of the favorable opportunity for the community to carry out the activities of the United Nations, move the “mobile banking” to the community, communicate face-to-face with the owners, do product promotion and marketing, and conduct business on the spot to improve marketing effectiveness.

Fourth, do a good job of credit services. Implement credit business commitment service, provide time-limited system for loan application, investigation, evaluation, approval and issuance, provide customers with the fastest and most convenient financial services, further optimize the credit process, reduce the examination and approval process, and accelerate the efficiency of credit operations.

V. Do a good job of risk prevention and control. The account manager is required to establish a high degree of risk prevention awareness, strictly control the access, focus on the authenticity of the loan funds and whether the lenders participate in gambling and stock trading, and prevent the loan funds from flowing into the private lending and capital markets to ensure the safety of credit funds.