Winter holiday in winter, comprehensive insurance for childr

When the winter vacation is coming, the family is more and more lively, and parents worry about the accidental accidents of children during the holidays. Some people think of insuring a child who is on vacation, but in the face of complicated insurance products on the face, parents seem to be at a loss. How to choose the right insurance? The reporter specially asked the insurance experts of the “Winning Experts” Investment and Financial Experts Group of this newspaper to learn from them. I hope to help the parents.

Travel protection needs to be comprehensive. When the holiday is over, many parents will take their children to visit relatives and friends, or go on a trip. Traveling abroad is the most prone to tool risks. Although travel agencies are currently traveling with the group, travel agencies will insure travel agency liability insurance, but the protection projects are limited. Life insurance expert Yi Zhujun said that for safety reasons, parents may wish to take out short-term accident insurance for their children. The insurance period is short, usually from 1 day to 30 days. Secondly, the insurance is low, but it can provide accidental injuries and medical care. , tool accidents and other accidental risk protection.

He also reminded that the medium and long-term domestic tour, the journey is longer, should set a more comprehensive coverage and a higher insurance coverage, if the family members did not purchase longer-term personal insurance, then the travel insurance product portfolio is a good choice. . Through the combination of various products, these products cover a wide range of insurance liabilities including accidental injuries, acute illnesses, funeral expenses, accidental medical treatment, and acute medical treatment. If you have longer-term personal insurance, you can consider increasing the amount of coverage for accident insurance, and achieve comprehensive and high-level accident protection.

It is not necessary for children to have more than one shot. Holiday children have a long time to freely move. As the Spring Festival approaches, many children also like to set off fireworks and firecrackers, and the possibility of accidental injuries increases. In order to prevent such safety accidents, parents can insure children for accidental injury insurance. This kind of insurance is generally cheaper, and the price is between 50 and 200. Of course, different types of insurance cover different insurance liabilities.

But children's accident insurance is not much to buy, pay more. The maximum limit for the death insurance for minors is 50,000, and the sum is 100,000. In addition, it is not advisable to insure multiple insurance companies separately, and the claims process is cumbersome and unnecessary. Yi Zhujun suggested that in a family, parents are the mainstay of the family economy, and only protect the healthy and stable economy of the parents. The protection of the children is not empty talk. The premiums paid for children each year should not exceed the parents' premiums. If they cannot be balanced, they should be dominated by adults.

Additional medical insurance is indispensable. If it is an infant, considering that the resistance is weak in winter and spring, the baby is prone to common diseases such as colds and fever, and the cumulative cost is not small. Therefore, you can consider insuring your baby's critical illness insurance, and you may wish to attach inpatient medical insurance and hospitalization subsidy insurance.

Older children, the treatment costs caused by accidental injuries, is also a considerable expense. It is necessary to purchase an additional accidental medical insurance for your child. Experts reminded that parents may choose to attach accidental medical insurance to accidental injury insurance. In this way, parents' economic pressure will be significantly reduced, and they can provide more comprehensive protection for children's bumps.

In addition, Yi Zhujun said that the payment period for insurance products purchased by children can be concentrated before the child is underage, just select the appropriate insurance type to insure.