"Children's medical insurance, give the child a clear sky

At present, the urban workers' medical insurance system is becoming more and more perfect, and the new type of medical care is also showing initial success. However, urban children and adolescents have become a missing link in the social security system.

In most places, the medical insurance for primary and secondary school students and infants is almost zero. The treatment of seriously ill children depends mainly on social donations and some commercial insurance. The social fundraising lacks institutional guarantees and the amount is limited, which can only solve a small number of people. difficult.

Commercial insurance often excludes children with malignant tumors, various kidney diseases, and blood diseases because of the huge operational risks of major diseases. We can't count how many children were forced to delay or even give up treatment because of high medical expenses, and how many families fell into the abyss of poverty. Children and adolescents are a vulnerable group in society, and at the same time they are the hope of a family and even a country and a nation.

Putting them into the public care vision and implementing a wide range of children's medical insurance system has become an increasingly urgent call in modern society.

Regarding children's medical insurance, there have been some explorations in various places, such as the establishment of a system of mutual assistance for children's medical care. These attempts have positive significance in filling the medical insurance gap for children in cities, but the common feature of these measures is that the family bears the financing of the guarantee funds. That is, the parents pay the children a certain fee every academic year, and the child can enjoy tens of thousands of medical subsidies every year, which is still the nature of “social mutual assistance”.

Nowadays, we can find many highlights in the Interpretation of the Trial Measures for Medical Insurance for Children and Inpatients in Outpatients.

For example, it has certain mandatory, the scope of insurance coverage has been extended to the children of laborers, and the reimbursement standard is the highest. The insurance premiums are financed by the financial and children's families.

These all reflect the city's fair, open, inclusive and valuable feelings. The generous sun sprinkles the splendid sprinkles on the towering trees, and also shines out the green shoots, so it is full of lush and alive.

Medicare is also a piece of food. While illuminating adults, it is also necessary to shine on vulnerable children so that they can grow up healthily and vigorously.

Children's medical insurance has already opened a good start, the author hopes that there are more places to pay attention to children's medical insurance, promote children's medical insurance, so that it provides a powerful blessing for more children.