Is the baby born with a parent who chooses a big illness?

Baby is born, many parents are prepared to buy insurance for their children, or to keep health, or to reserve for future education funds. At present, many insurance companies have launched special infant insurance, which shows that parents are dazzled and do not know how to choose. Many parents see what other people buy and buy for their children. As a result, children are not guaranteed, not children. Insurance spending is too large, and it has to pay for many years, leading to family economic tensions. This newspaper will give you a few suggestions, so that you can easily choose the insurance that suits your child according to your actual situation.

At present, there are many insurance products for infants and young children, which are mainly divided into accident insurance, medical insurance, major illness insurance, and education gold reserve insurance. Which kind of insurance should I choose? It depends on my own economic strength. Generally, buy insurance for your baby. The insurance premium should not exceed 10% of the insured's year, otherwise it will bring economic burden to the family.

General households: priority is given to accident insurance and medical insurance. Usually these premiums are not high, usually a few hundred a year. A family with a slightly stronger economic strength: major illness insurance can be considered. On the basis of purchasing the above insurance products, increase the major illness insurance. Because of the heavy burden of high medical expenses for major diseases, it often causes huge economic pressure on a family. Especially for children with a family history of genetic diseases, it is best to have a major illness insurance to protect.

A family with strong economic strength: to solve the problem of tuition fees for high school, university or study abroad in the future. Buying education insurance is just “compulsory saving”. Its income is slightly higher than that of time deposits, it can avoid interest tax, and it can also provide a family financial planning. You can also buy some types of financial insurance, in addition to health protection, there are dividends. Nowadays, many parents have a strong financial desire. They will buy insurance for their children and invest as stocks and funds. They will buy one or two thousand monthly education insurance, but they will not buy or neglect to purchase accident insurance and medical insurance. It is to reverse the function of insurance.

First consider accident insurance and medical insurance. In fact, the probability and cost of treating children due to accidental injuries and diseases in infants and young children is much higher than that of adults. The probability of hospitalization is also very high. Therefore, insurance for children should first consider accident insurance. And medical insurance. The baby's medical insurance is generally divided into two types: one is the compensation type, the total cost is actually the upper limit of the payment, and the payment is not repeated; the other is the big illness that is paid according to the diagnosis, as long as the baby is indeed insured. In the case of diseases within the scope, the insurance company will pay the corresponding amount.

In addition, insured child insurance, not as much as possible. From the amount of insurance coverage, at present, the maximum risk protection for child insurance is 100,000. The purchase of two companies can be accumulated, but the part exceeding 100,000 is invalid. Because the general insurance company stipulates that the amount of insurance can not be accumulated, if the baby has an accident, the list of fees provided by the hospital can only belong to one insurance company. If you want to buy more than one different insurance for your baby, carefully read the insurance terms and look for products that do not conflict with the claims process.

There is no need to buy all at once. From the type of insurance, there is no need to buy it all at once, because insurance is also a kind of consumption, and it will change according to the specific situation. For a family that is not particularly well-funded, especially if the adult's own pension is not enough, it is really unnecessary to consider the baby's pension problem.

In addition, if your baby's parents participate in the children's medical insurance provided by government agencies or units, and then choose commercial insurance for their children, they must be complementary and not cause unnecessary waste.