Small micro enterprise loan interest rate

Interest rate and method of corporate loans

The service business of enterprises is relatively simple, so there are often cases where funds cannot be returned in time. In the event of financial problems, many companies will apply for corporate loans. So, what is the interest rate of corporate loans?

First, corporate loans, like other loans, are loaned to different institutions, and the interest rates on loans are different. Of course, the interest rate to be paid for a bank is the lowest. However, banks often demand higher requirements and have requirements for the development prospects and operating conditions of enterprises.

In practice, in addition to the good business and financial status of the bank, the bank also requires the company to have certain deposits or purchase related wealth management products at the bank. Most companies are unable to meet the bank's application requirements. So how about a small loan company?

According to Xiaobian, it is easier for enterprises to apply for loans from small loan companies, but in terms of borrowing costs, they are often two to three times the bank's benchmark interest rate. Some enterprises have poor qualifications and small loans. The company may raise all costs to nearly four times the benchmark rate.

The method for successful loan acquisition:

1. The loan ratio is

. In fact, many banks have launched corporate loan products, and the products vary greatly. Therefore, borrowers can find more banks to compare and then select the most suitable ones. Own products.

2. Credit card large loan

Now, banks, etc. have launched large credit card loans, and borrowers can use credit cards to solve financial problems.

3. Find a formal guarantee company to guarantee

If the credit status of the borrowing enterprise is not very good, you can ask the local formal guarantee company for guarantee, but you need to pay a certain amount of guarantee fee to find the guarantee company guarantee.

Corporate loans must be used for the production and operation of the enterprise, and should not be used for loan lending, entrusted loans, M&A loans, project loans prohibited and restricted by national industrial policies, and participation in private lending and investment capital markets. Chinese corporate loans do not include loans for real estate companies, loans for financing platform companies, and loans for non-production and operating fixed assets investment projects.

Applicants for corporate bank loan business must meet the following conditions:

1. In line with national industry and industry policies, not belonging to high-pollution, high-energy-consuming small enterprises;

2. Enterprises in various commercial banks have good reputation, no Bad credit record;

3. Business license with approval and registration by the administrative department, and annual inspection, holding a loan card issued by the bank and normal annual inspection;

4. Necessary organization, operation management system and financial management system, Fixed basis and business place, legal operation, product presence and profitability;

5. Ability to perform contracts and repay debts, good willingness to repay, no bad credit history, credit asset risk classification as normal or non-financial factors Concern class;

6. The business operator or actual controller has experienced more than 3 years, with good quality and no bad credit record;

7. The business operation is stable, and the establishment period is in principle over 2 years (inclusive), at least Have one or more accounting years Financial report, and sales growth for two consecutive years, positive gross profit;

8. Compliance with the establishment of industry credit policies related to small business;

9. Can comply with national financial regulations and policies and relevant regulations of the bank;

10. The applicant bank opens a basic settlement account or a general settlement account.

Type of corporate loan

1. Corporate mortgage loan

As the name suggests, corporate mortgage loans are guaranteed to apply for loans from banks with certain collateral as an item. In addition to the basic conditions, the mortgage loan enterprise must meet the relevant requirements. The mortgagor must enjoy the ownership or disposition of the collateral according to law, and clearly express to the bank that the collateral is willing to provide the debtor with the guarantee. . Among them, mortgages must not exceed 70%; mortgages with tools, general machinery and equipment, mortgage rate up to 60%, with professional equipment and tools, intangible assets mortgage, the maximum mortgage rate does not exceed 50%.

2. Enterprise credit loan

Enterprise credit loan refers to the loan issued by the borrower's credit, and the borrower does not need to provide guarantee. This type of loan requires higher corporate loan conditions. In addition to the above basic conditions, enterprises that choose credit loans must meet the following requirements:

(1).. The amount of invoices in the past six months is about 1.5 million;

(2). Applicants' personal loans for the past three months cannot be overdue. The debt ratio cannot exceed 60-70%.

(3). The business owner or spouse is in possession of real estate, or mortgage or insurance or car loan or auto insurance.