How to apply for a mortgage loan after the central bank cuts

Along with the announcement of the central bank's interest rate cuts, many people now choose to apply for mortgage loans, hoping to reduce the cost of loans through this method. Then, after the central bank cut interest rates, how can I apply for a mortgage loan to get the most money? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

1, choose the appropriate repayment method

The equal principal and interest and the equal principal are the main repayment methods of the mortgage, although only one word, but the loan cost of the two repayment methods is very different. .

2, early repayment

If you want to pay off your debts as soon as possible, you can also consider repaying your money in advance when you have spare cash. It is reported that there are two ways to repay in advance: one is to settle the loan in advance, and the other is to pay in advance. The borrower can choose a reasonable repayment method according to his actual situation.

3, choose the loan line ""

Different bank mortgage interest rate implementation standards are different, for example, some banks can play 10% off, some banks play 15% off, some banks perform benchmark interest rates. In this case, we need to “” and try to find a bank with a low loan interest rate to handle the loan, so as to achieve the purpose of saving the loan cost.

4. Determine a reasonable loan quota and term

After the central bank cuts interest rates, the benchmark interest rate for loans over five years will be reduced from 5.65% to 5.4%. Although the adjusted benchmark interest rate is the lowest in the past 10 years, the loan amount and term are determined. At the time, the borrower must consider it according to his actual situation, because the higher the loan amount and the longer the loan term, the more interest the loan needs to pay.