How do first-time home buyers save on the premise of obtaini

Under the current environment of implementing new interest rates on loans, the interest rate discounts offered by banks are also slightly different for different borrowers. Therefore, “specially for the first-time home buyers, how to get the money under the premise of obtaining the ideal loan amount.

One: Provident Fund Loan: Reasonable use of

For conditional first-home borrowers, choose the provident fund loan as much as possible to achieve the purpose of the money. The interest rate of 3.87% of the provident fund loan is lower than the 30% discount of the commercial loan in the same period. In terms of loan quota, the maximum loan limit of the public reserve of 800,000 yuan can basically meet the loan demand of the first-home customers; in the time of loan, the provident fund loans have also been accelerated, and the first-home borrowers can choose with confidence.

2: Loan Bank:

If the bank recognizes the Bank's quality customers, such as VIP cards, Platinum Cards, VIPs or borrowers who have made special contributions to the bank, and the personal credit record is good, it can be given a lower float 25 % interest rate discount.

3: Repayment method:

for each need. The current common repayment methods have equal principal and interest and equal principal. The monthly principal repayment amount is fixed, the repayment repayment pressure is relatively small, but the total interest expense is relatively large, which is suitable for the stability; the monthly repayment amount of the equal principal is decremented, and the prepayment pressure is relatively large, but the total interest expense Relatively less suitable for people who are currently higher and may be reduced in the future. In addition, there are “two-week supply” and “balloon loan” repayment methods, and the borrower can choose the repayment method that suits his or her own situation.

IV: Personal Credit: Time Maintenance

In addition to the above three points, “” also reminds the borrower to maintain personal credit information. Don't deal with credit cards in an uncontrolled manner, avoiding the “blacklist” of banks on personal credits due to overdue credit cards. At present, when banks are lending money, if the borrower is overdue for “three consecutive six”, it is difficult to obtain the loan. If the credit history is good, you can get the corresponding interest rate discount when you apply for a mortgage.