How do college students apply for loans to avoid being decei

I don't know if you have seen such a news report from the media: "7 college students were defrauded to buy a mobile phone and borrow more than 100,000 debts." With the growing demand for college students' consumption, many loan companies have sniffed business opportunities from them, so they extended their reach to them, but there are some scammers who are trying to fish. So, the question is: How can college students apply for loans to avoid being deceived?

1, choose lending institutions to see more, compare more

Although there are many institutions that claim to provide loans for college students, but everyone must choose a lending institution To see more and compare, don't believe in small advertisements such as “only ID card can be loaned” or “interest rate is lower than the bank loan benchmark interest rate”.

A regular loan company will not lend money on an ID card because it cannot prove the borrower's ability to repay and repay. The loan interest rate is lower than the benchmark interest rate of the bank loan. In addition to the discount on the bank mortgage interest rate, other types of commercial loans will either be executed according to the loan benchmark interest rate, or will rise. Moreover, the loan company's charges have always been higher than the bank.

2, don't be greedy for small cheap

Some bad business people will tell the truth of the college students: you only need to apply for a loan, you can get the benefits, and you don't have to repay the loan, we will pay for you! When you see this kind of rhetoric, Are you heart-warming? But calmly think about it, such a "pie" will inexplicably lie on your head? So, college students can apply for a loan, but don't try to be cheap.

3, Do your best,

Why do you have to do what you can? Because most college students rely on their parents to pay for their living expenses, but in addition to your daily expenses, how much money can you spend on loan repayment? When applying for a loan, you must determine the amount and duration according to your actual situation, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4, the interest rate is four times higher than the bank loan benchmark interest rate to decisively refuse

If the interest rate you choose from the lending institution has exceeded the bank loan benchmark interest rate four times, I suggest you decisively refuse, because this situation is a usury trap. So don't block the luck of your life in order to satisfy the vanity of the moment.