How to buy accident insurance for your baby

Animal bites, burns, car accidents, poisoning, burns, suffocation, drowning, falls, etc. . . These are all accidents that children are vulnerable to. Parents really need to seriously consider buying a child accident insurance. The more comprehensive, the more appropriate.

First, baby accidental injury insurance

Baby curiosity is strong, lively and active, and self-protection awareness is relatively poor, in the socially disadvantaged group, so the possibility of accidents is relatively large. The main causes of accidental deaths are accidental asphyxia, drowning, car accidents and poisoning. The increase in death rate from car accidents is particularly significant. The main causes of accidental injuries are falling, burning (scalding) injuries, and animal injuries. Economic losses such as high medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident, as well as personal disability and death. Therefore, parents can purchase accident insurance for their children at their discretion. Once the child has an accident, they can get certain financial compensation. This type of insurance is generally a type of consumer insurance, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars a year, and each insurance company has this type of product.

Second, baby health insurance

In family life, there are two main costs related to baby health: one is a baby's major disease; one is a baby hospitalization. According to the current status of the basic medical insurance system, most of the young babies are basically without medical security at this age. Therefore, the use of insurance to share the child's medical expenses has become an important factor to consider when insuring baby insurance.

Nowadays, the common baby diseases are mainly respiratory and digestive diseases, such as respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, etc., they are hospitalized, accumulated, and the cost is not small. Therefore, when considering the purchase of insurance, parents are advised to purchase additional inpatient medical insurance and hospitalization insurance.

III. Baby Education Savings Insurance

The high educational expenditure brought by education field and the change of family consumption concept, more and more parents are willing to invest limited resources in the education of children, in advance for children. Make a financial plan and arrange. Education savings insurance is mainly to solve the problem of tuition fees for children going to school in the future or studying abroad.

It is reported that when the accidental medical insurance is used as an additional insurance, the insurance period is the same as the basic insurance, and the insurance amount can be the same as the basic insurance. Accidental medical insurance generally uses compensation to pay insurance premiums, not only the amount of insurance, but also the duration of treatment. Moreover, when handling accidental medical claims, not all insurance documents can be reimbursed for insurance companies, but selectively reimbursed. If certain imported drugs are reimbursed, the regulations of various insurance companies are different.

Should pay attention to three points when purchasing baby accident insurance:

First, pay attention to the scope of protection of the product. Accident insurance refers to the payment of insurance money in case of death or disability, and accidental medical insurance bears the medical expenses incurred by accident.

2. Read the exemption content in the insurance clause carefully so that you can clearly understand which items are not covered by the insurance company and have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the scope of the insurance.

III. Pay attention to the amount of protection for accidental injuries, because there is a limit on the amount of accidental death insurance for minors. Therefore, parents should not blindly insure when purchasing baby accident insurance, and do not repeat insurance.

There are many types of insurance for baby accident insurance on the field, but they can be roughly divided into three categories: accident insurance, health insurance, and education savings insurance. The best way to buy baby accident insurance for your child is to buy it according to your own situation. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish the three types of baby insurance before purchasing.