How much is it expensive for children's accidental injuries?

As a basic guarantee for children's accident insurance,

is a must-have for your baby's growth. Accidents are unpredictable. Once an accident occurs, both the baby and the family can receive certain financial compensation. So, is it dangerous for children to be accidentally injured? How much is it?

The accident insurance premium and the insurance amount are the corresponding relationship. Now the general insurance premium of 200-300 is about 100,000. Need to be reminded that the price of accident insurance for each insurance company is not the same, the specific difference is reflected in the scope of protection, the amount of insurance claims, etc., you can log on the official website of the insurance company to view the specific insurance product terms.

Parents should see the scope of protection when purchasing child accident insurance for their children. Don't think that if you buy accident insurance, your child will have an accident. For example, if a child is accidentally burnt, he or she thinks that he can get a claim or get a full claim. However, according to the relevant terms of the insurance company, the extent of the burn must be reached to obtain the claim, and the amount of the claim is based on the disability. Level payment insurance.

That is to say, claims are conditional, and this condition is mainly the “disclaimer clause” in the insurance clause. According to the relevant provisions of various insurance companies, the current coverage of accident insurance for children is mainly based on death and disability, while others only guarantee death. However, it may be called accident insurance on the name of the insurance. This point, the insured should decide the terms before insuring before deciding.

Take the accident insurance of an insurance company as an example: the insurance amount is the maximum amount that the insurer is responsible for paying the insurance. The amount of insurance is agreed between the policyholder and the insurer and is stated in the insurance policy. Once the amount of insurance is determined, it cannot be changed during the insurance period.

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