Everyone needs protection. Start with children's medical ins

Buying insurance is a guarantee, and protection is all needed. Therefore, before buying insurance, you must find out: What is insurance? Why buy insurance? What kind of protection do I need most? How much protection do I need? How much insurance product do I need to buy my current ability?

If you really want to buy some insurance for yourself and your family, I suggest you: first learn and understand some insurance knowledge; understand the role and significance of insurance; clarify your own insurance needs; insured according to your actual needs and economic ability. Really: Consumption, enjoyment. Otherwise, due to my own ignorance, I may be infinitely troubled in the future.

For adults, buying insurance should first buy social security, then you can choose to buy some commercial insurance to supplement. Because social security is the foundation, commercial insurance is a supplement. There are some basic principles for buying commercial insurance, such as: first adult, post-child; first basic, then perfect; first near and far away... and so on. It is very necessary to understand and follow these principles. If you want to know more about insurance, you can go to the insurance website to have a look. Or find a highly qualified insurance salesman with a sense of responsibility and professional proficiency to carry out related business.

There are risks everywhere. Accidental injuries, health problems and old-age problems are the biggest risks that every individual may encounter at any time. Once such risks are encountered, it may directly affect the fate of a person or a family. Therefore, these three risks should be guaranteed by everyone.

To buy insurance for minors, mainly choose to purchase the insurance in the commercial insurance, comprehensive insurance for accidental injuries, lifelong or regular health insurance. If your child is too young, some insurance products you want to buy for your child may be subject to some policy restrictions. Therefore, you can first buy a little health insurance for your child. If possible, you can add another hospitalization insurance or Hospitalization insurance.

In addition, you can also consider buying a child's hospitalization mutual aid (about 40-50 / part / year) in the Social Security Bureau or the street office, so that the child's medical insurance will be improved. When the child is a little older, buy him some insurance that suits his needs.

A lot of people buy commercial insurance, only the desire and impulse to buy, but do not seriously understand the relevant insurance knowledge, listen to the salesman three said two to buy. After getting the policy, I will not take a serious look at the contents of the terms. After chatting with others, I will slowly feel that I am not sure about the insurance I have already bought, or I find that I have bought insurance. Not the product you want. The confession at that time will be regrettable. In view of this, I suggest you still learn, understand, and then decide to buy. The so-called: sharpening the knife is not wrong.

Generally speaking: everyone's ideal basic effective protection: lifelong health insurance should be no less than 300,000; accidental injury insurance should be no less than 200,000 / year; pension insurance should be no less than 100,000. Commercial insurance does not solve the problem with one copy, but it must be done with due diligence. For wage earners, the cost of purchasing commercial insurance should be around 15% of the year. If it is less, the degree of security may be insufficient; if it is exceeded, it may have some adverse effects on your daily life.

At the time of the insurance company, there are some requirements for the insured and the insured, namely: First, the insured must be a healthy person. Second, the insured should have a stable and ability to pay. Third, the amount of compensation for minors does not exceed 50,000. Buying commercial insurance (no matter what kind of insurance) is definitely: the sooner you buy, the better. Because it has a rule: in the case of the same degree of security, the premium paid is increased with the age of the insured. Insurance is a matter of learning. To buy commercial insurance, you need to have a well-planned and well-organized mental arrangement. Don't imagine the need to solve it with one investment. Or, if you buy an insurance, you want to provide yourself with a variety of security issues. The correct insurance policy should be: Learning and understanding before buying insurance is very important. Try to learn a little more insurance knowledge, correctly understand the function and function of insurance; choose a strong and reputable insurance company; choose a responsible, honest and trustworthy, professional proficiency, and provide you with a good pre-sales for more than five years. It is very important that high-quality salesmen, sales and after-sales service provide services for you. Choose the combination of insurance that suits your needs. After receiving the policy, you should carefully read each clause carefully within 7 days. If you are in doubt or doubt, you should contact the insurance company or salesman at any time. If you are not satisfied with the type of insurance you are in, you can unconditionally surrender within 10 days to ensure your interests are not lost. Therefore, the early selection before the insurance is very important. Finally, to buy insurance, first buy medical health, health can ensure that customers have everything. Buying insurance is a small contract, and life insurance is generally a medium- and long-term contract. If you buy it, you can become a lifelong person. Otherwise, it will have a great impact. Insurance products need to have the function of maintaining and increasing value. The current living standard is increasing and the inflation must be suppressed. Buying insurance must first protect the head of the family. If the family's main wealth creators are not guaranteed, then the cost of household expenses such as premiums, living expenses, etc. are not guaranteed. Buying insurance first adults and children, adults are the best guarantee for children. If there is no guarantee for the adults, and the child has more insurance, it does not make any sense. After all, the adults are paying the relevant fees for the children.