More suitable for insurance for 5 year olds

Case situation:

To buy 5 cases of children with heavy illness insurance, please help me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the following two. 1. The increase of the life of the star is lifetime, and the payment of 100,000 in 30,000 years is 2,570 per year. 2. Kangxi Jinsheng + additional exemption, 100,000, handed over to 60, annual payment of about 1400 or so are both insured and insured.

Expert suggestion:

Jianxing increase is a lifelong heavy illness insurance with fixed incremental protection. And Kangxi is a dividend insurance + additional Kangxi heavy illness, not a fixed incremental type of critical illness insurance. The two are not a type of insurance, and there is no obvious comparability. However, you can simply compare some fixed parts.

1. Types of severe illness: Jian Xingbao 33 categories, Kangxi 35 categories, look at the type details, the two are similar.

2. Insured amount: Jianxing fixed 3% of the annual incremental insurance amount, which is an annual increase of 3000 guarantees. Kangxi's critical illness insurance amount is fixed. In the event of a serious illness, the critical illness insurance amount is paid, and the critical illness and the main insurance contract are terminated at the same time. If there is dividend, the cash value of the main insurance accumulated bonus insurance amount is returned. From the perspective of safety and assurance, the former is more clear.

3. From the pension conversion: Jianxing can convert the old age pension at 66. Kangxi does not clearly state the convertible pension, but it can be collected at the time of 100. Of course, it can be obtained in the form of surrender.

4. From the payment: 100,000 insured amount, if you pay about 1400 in one year, and have been handed over to 60 (55 years), Kangxi can spread the risk of payment.

If you are concerned about serious illness protection, it will be safer for Jianxing's critical illness account to be fixed.