What kind of insurance does the zero-year-old child buy?

Sina Finance and Insurance Channel experts in this session sat down, invited Qiu Bin to answer questions for netizens. Qiu Bin entered the insurance industry in 1995 and served [microblogging] (43.58, -0.12, -0.27%) and life. In the past 17 years, he has been engaged in management work through sales, marketing planning, customer service and other positions. He has been engaged in life insurance product research and development for nearly 5 years.

User question:

0 What kind of insurance does the child buy? Qiu Bin replied: To be honest, almost all of my parents’ friends asked me this way. I said: Let me manage it first. This is a big principle. We must take care of our parents' insurance and then consider the children. Because the children live by their parents, if the parents have problems, it is the biggest problem for the children. This is the problem. The most comprehensive care and arrangement for your child.

If your husband and wife's insurance coverage is fully purchased, then you can consider buying a gift for your child. It is best not to make those insurance periods that are particularly long, especially for life-long ones. It is really not necessary to buy them. A regular education fund, the best of all 30 before OK, the right to force savings, medium and long-term arrangements.

Of course, don't forget to buy a spare product. Once the adult has something, the money does not have to be paid, and the product continues to be effective. In addition, health insurance, accident insurance can also be considered, but the amount of insurance is limited, up to 100,000, buy or not to see yourself. The rest of the product is just the same thing.