Buying accident insurance for your baby

In October, Xia Xiaoguang's family ushered in the long-awaited "baby baby", and the arrival of his son made the air in the home exceptional. Although the baby is not born, it should be considered, but milk powder, diapers, swimming, vaccines, etc., make Xia Xiaoguang excited and live.

Insurance matters A few months before the birth of the child, Xia Xiaoguang was considered. The social security is at the forefront, and the recent “one old and one small” medical insurance rules have been introduced, and there are some changes in the “one small” of children.

The new "one old and one small" rule, "one small" refers to students who are registered at school, and those who are not under school for 16 weeks, paying 100 per year, can enjoy up to 2000 outpatient reimbursement and 170,000 hospitalizations. Reimbursement, reimbursement deductible line is 650, part of the outpatient line standard reimbursement of 50% of outpatient expenses, hospital reimbursement 70%.

Less than 650 medical expenses commercial insurance to solve, "one old and one small" protection coverage is wide, both the elderly and minors can pay a small fee to get a more comprehensive protection. Parents of their children should not let their children lose this protection every year because they miss the time of payment. Zhang Jie, Life Management Manager, told the Financial Weekly reporter.

Xia Xiaoguang also feels that the protection of “one old and one small” is very good, but the cost of taking a child to the hospital may be below 650, and this part of the cost cannot be within the scope of social security reimbursement. Therefore, he wants to add a commercial insurance to his son.

"Social security is the most basic guarantee, and the cost is low and comprehensive, but social security is also flawed." Life insurance Xiao Qi said, "take "one old and one small", because The payline is set at 650, and the following fees are not reimbursed. It is relatively more frequent for children to go to the hospital, but many of the expenses do not exceed the payment threshold, and the medical expenses are naturally not paid. "

Xia Xiaoguang finally chose a dividend insurance of an insurance company. The deductible for medical outpatient expenses of this product is 100, which compensates for the lack of social security to some extent. Social security lacks accident insurance, and commercial insurance attaches accident insurance to school before school. After relying on "learning to risk", "social insurance can not cover all risks, such as "one old and one small" in the accidental medical expenses for children's risk protection can not be reimbursed. "The insurance company's business director reminded.

Children and young children have weak awareness of prevention and poor self-protection ability, and the probability of accidental risks often occurs in life. In addition to strengthening the prevention of accidental risks for children, parents should also carry out the necessary Safety education, and preparing an accident insurance for children is very important.

In general, children's social insurance is missing accidental risk protection, parents should supplement their corresponding commercial insurance, supplemental accident insurance costs are not too high." After a child goes to school, there is usually a "study of insurance", which has a comprehensive guarantee for the student's accident risk. If you buy another commercial accident insurance, it will only play a role in icing on the cake. There is not much need. Zhang Jie told reporters.

Zhang Jie said that the child has an accidental risk protection vacuum period from the time of birth to the time before enrollment. During this period, social insurance sometimes does not contain accidental risk protection, and at the same time lacks “study insurance”, etc. You can add commercial accident insurance to your child. There are several insurance companies, many of whom have a one-year short-term accident insurance insured for more than 16 weeks. Insurance agents told reporters that you can add children when purchasing other insurance types. Accident insurance.

But the insurance "children card" age is 30 days - 18 weeks, the protection of the accident risk of minors is more comprehensive, the card belongs to one-year accident insurance, the annual payment is 100. First serious accident insurance, then Education gold, "When a child is born and there are no guarantees, it is not wise to prepare education insurance for him first. Life Insurance Xiao Qi told the Financial Weekly reporter.

She analyzed that parents should first provide children with major illness and accident risk protection, and then prepare education for them. When people prepare for their education, people are also a matter of opinion. Funds, deposits, insurance, etc. can be tried. One of the disadvantages of preparing education for children through insurance for children's education is that the account liquidity is not as good as the fund or deposit, and the early withdrawal may be subject to certain losses. It is precisely because the flexibility of education insurance has no funds or high deposits, but it can be used exclusively for the special funds of the child's education account. At the same time, it can also restrain the parents and play the role of compulsory savings. Reimbursement for each city, subsidy: payment base ÷30 (Day) × holiday days, in which the maternity insurance contribution base is lower than the 12-month payment base after childbirth, according to the payment base of the month of delivery; the childbirth insurance payment base of the delivery month is higher than the 12 months after delivery. Base period, according to the period of continuous payment before delivery and 12 months after delivery The average payment base during the fee period. A. 7 months of pregnancy (including 7 months) or more than 7 months of pregnancy, the maternity medical expenses subsidy is 3000; 3 months of pregnancy (including 3 months), 7 For spontaneous abortions below the month, the maternity medical expenses subsidy is 500; for those who have spontaneous abortion under 3 months of pregnancy, the maternity medical expenses subsidy is 300. Fertility stickers: the monthly flat salary of the unit is 30 (days) × holiday days; Fees: no more than the approved amount; nutrition subsidies: normal production, more than 7 months of abortion subsidy, the average monthly salary of employees in the previous year × 25%; dystocia, multiple birth allowance last year, the average monthly salary of employees × 50%.