How do families manage their finances and how to save them r

> How do families manage their finances? How to save money reasonably?

Bank savings and savings is the traditional financial management method for most people. From the perspective of financial management, savings should be based on short-term savings, and it is convenient to access and enjoy interest; long-term savings, according to existing bank interest. Considering factors such as inflation and interest tax, the longer the money is saved, the greater the risk of depreciation.

How to save money reasonably?

Let's say that the current deposit

If it is only the survival period, it is advisable to go to the bank for a half-year settlement, and then the principal and interest will be re-stored, because June 30 is the settlement date of the current deposit account, and the interest rate will be re-existed at the right time, and the interest will be paid. Revenue; let's talk about time deposits. There is a method called short-term deposit in the bank. It is also called the 12 deposit slip method. That is, one deposit slip for one year is fixed, and 12 deposit slips are available for 12 months. In the month, there is a deposit receipt expiring, which not only guarantees a fixed interest rate, but also meets the sensitive expenses of the family. If the deposit receipt expires, it can continue to be rolled over, so that not only the interest rate higher than the current period, corporate bonds and financial bonds are enjoyed.

National debt is divided into credential government bonds and book-entry government bonds. The former cannot be circulated, but can be redeemed early, but it is required to pay a certain fee, especially if it is withdrawn early in the year, and it does not bear interest. Therefore, there is a certain risk; the latter can be transferred in circulation. Treasury bond interest is slightly higher than the bank, the risk is small, and no interest tax is paid. Therefore, it is more popular with the people, but it is not easy to buy. Corporate bonds are bonds issued by enterprises for the purpose of planning funds. The yield is probably higher than that of the national debt in the same period, but the risk is also high. There is a risk of not being able to repay at maturity. The purchase should choose a large enterprise with a credit rating of AA or above. Financial bonds are bonds issued by financial institutions and are generally not targeted at individuals. Because of the consideration of the realization of funds, when buying bonds, first, we should pay attention to the liquidity and duration of bonds, and the credits that can be circulated can be easily realized. The short-term bonds are conducive to avoiding the change of interest rates. Second, the decentralized purchases are held. That is, the same (different) bond of the same (different) term is purchased in a different time.

The high risk of stocks is also about high returns.

Investment is about 10%. Before stock trading, it is best to accumulate some stock and financial experience, and propose to choose blue chip stocks and engage in stock portfolios to spread risk. According to Buffett's theory, investment in 5-10 years should earn more than compensation, so it is necessary to make long-term investment plans and maintain a good attitude.

Buying a house may be for the sake of living on your own, perhaps you want to get the benefits through the rise of housing prices, whichever is the larger financial cost of the family. Investment housing should be based on factors such as location, quality, selling price and payment method, environmental protection, property management and orientation. At the same time, we must pay attention to whether there is a real estate license, and a house without a real estate license can not be transferred and traded.

Insurance insurance can be divided into two types: guarantee insurance and investment insurance.

The former is guaranteed, and the latter has investment utility. Investment insurance and bank savings, bonds, the former rely on institutions, experts to invest, and then rely on individual strength. Institutional financial management is not only based on personal wealth management, but also because it has a high-quality team of financial experts, which is more common in investment channels. For example, the national debt, the institution has the power to publish the first-level national debt, and the individual can only hold the investment in the second-level field; the bank, the institution can obtain a higher interest rate than the personal savings through the large-amount deposit; the investment, the organization collects the money of the world In the case of huge capital scale, the investment risk is lower; information and institutions have more channels for information than individuals. Therefore, investment insurance not only preserves value, but also receives a rich dividend return and adds value. There is room for investment.

Relationship between insurance and other financial instruments

Among the many family finance methods mentioned above, bank savings are the guards of family financial management and can be used for emergency expenditures;

bonds can be called midfielders. Stocks and real estate are in front of them, which will bring about a rapid increase in property, while insurance is a powerful goalkeeper. This goalkeeper plays an important role in risk management and family financial planning.

In general, bonds and stocks can not be bought, but insurance must be. The position of insurance in family finance is to prepare for things that cannot be expected. For example, borrowing costs have already entered people's lives, and in the event of an accident in the family's mainstay, the family loses its guarantee. Because the bank can not borrow money, the bank will auction the pledge of the property to pay off the debt, then the dilemma facing the family is self-evident.

In summary, as a healthy family financial view, you must reasonably arrange your own property investment, you can not put the eggs in a basket at the same time. It can be seen that insurance is the minimum investment fund, the lecture on family financial management and its significance is that no one can guarantee that what we worry about will not happen. In summary, it is not a discounted fund, it is all investment. Guarantee.