Personal finance, something you don’t know

Personal Finance You don't know what you are doing. I don't know why I left you. I can't insist that you are crying. Your tears are like heavy rain, and the ground is clear. Just like Wang Lihong’s song sings, there are two people together, and there are things you don’t know. So about personal finance? The financial planner who invests takes you to see what you don’t know. Personal financial management One of the things you don't know: don't know your financial resources, you need to understand what your financial resources are. There are many aspects to be made for the purpose of formulating financial management. First of all, this financial management purpose should be quantified. For example, if you want to buy a house, is this a financial purpose? This is not. To buy a house worth a lot of money, it is necessary to buy a house three years later, or to buy a house next year. This is a financial purpose, that is to say, to quantify, there must be a concept of time. At the same time, what kind of situation will be living in this room will help you accomplish your dreams. There is a purpose for the term. Personal Finance You don't know the second thing: the purpose of life, you must have awakened understanding of your life purpose; Recall your own asset status What is the status of memory assets? Just look at how much money you can manage. Without knowing the status of his own property, the concept of personal wealth management business is difficult to contribute to his financial management. Personal Finance You don't know the third thing: There must be a series of unified and coordinated plans, to ensure that all plans will not conflict, and coordination can be completed. The core content includes insurance plans, investment plans, education plans, income tax plans, retirement plans, and real estate plans. Use cash flow management to integrate all the plans, coordinate all the plans, and let all the plans meet your cash flow. This is the core content. For example, you are extremely good at stocks, you are extremely aggressive in terms of investment, and so on. This asset allocation is strategic. It is an asset allocation made in an extremely rational state. If you suddenly hear a friend say that a stock is extremely good, put all the assets on the stock. Assets should be made a good distribution first. Also consider the orientation of personal temperament. People with different temperaments will make a completely different choice when facing something. The temperament also determines what behaviors people will have in the course of financial management. There may be a lot of things you don't know, because we are just a very small existence in the universe. Personal finance is a process of accomplishing a living purpose through proper management of financial resources. It is a unified and coordinated plan designed for the purpose of overall financial management.