Which kind of wealth management products are better?

Bank which financial products are better? Some people say that the higher the income of the bank's wealth management products, the lower the income is relatively much worse. Others say that bank wealth management products are guaranteed to be safe because of security. Some people say that financial products with stable incomes are better financial products, and financial products with floating income are wealthy products with higher risks, so they are not so advantageous.

So after listening to the answers of so many versions, what kind of financial products are better in the bank? In fact, the answers mentioned at the beginning of the article are very one-sided, but have a value for production. Because for different financial investors, they have their own preferences for different types of bank wealth management products. What does that mean? That is to say, every investor has a standard of their choice to invest in bank wealth management products, and they will choose according to their investment types. For example, for a conservative financial investor, choosing a wealth management product with a stable income is what he thinks is the best. Although from the perspective of income, the income of such wealth management products is not high, or even low, but for this type of investors, he is the best investment choice because their investment ability for risk is very low. .

So when we are asking others, which kind of wealth management products are better, we may wish to calm down and think about what kind of investors we belong to, and choose the right financial products according to our own characteristics. Good choice. The product that suits you is the best.