Is the bank's guaranteed wealth management product really gu

In the environment where the investment market is unstable, the general income of various products is not high, and the credit crisis is more common, the average investor, most of them have lower risk tolerance, prefer to purchase capital-guaranteed wealth management products, and protect the wealth management products including national debt. Insurance, guaranteed funds, guaranteed banking products, money funds and trusts. Most investors will choose bank products or treasures of the Internet's main money fund. Although it is called a capital-guaranteed product, the capital-guaranteed wealth management only guarantees the principal of the wealth management fund, does not guarantee the wealth management income, and has investment risks. You should fully understand the investment risk and invest carefully. The degree of risk is risk-free or extremely low-risk and applies to type, conservative, income, aggressive and aggressive investors. In the most unfavorable circumstances, the customer can only recover the investment principal and cannot obtain any investment income.

Investors should understand three points before considering whether they are suitable for their investment conditions before purchasing a guaranteed-type product. The first expected return is not equal to the final benefit. Many investors believe that the "expected maximum return" is the actual rate of return that will eventually be obtained, and thus blindly pursue high expected returns when choosing wealth management products. In fact, the “expected maximum return” refers to the income of wealth management products under ideal conditions, often because of various field risks, which ultimately cannot be achieved. Remind investors to pay attention to the poor or worst investment income of the product. Second, the preservation of wealth management products is not equal to savings deposits. There are also some investors who believe that guaranteed wealth management products are equal to bank savings deposits and can receive fixed income.

But in fact, although the risk of the guaranteed wealth management products is lower and lower, there are actually some additional conditions, such as the bank can terminate the product in advance, and the customer has no right to terminate early. Therefore, such products are not exactly equivalent to savings deposits. If you don’t expire again, you won’t be guaranteed. In addition, investors believe that guaranteed-type wealth management products will be guaranteed even if they are redeemed in advance, but sometimes there will be a loss. When purchasing a guaranteed-type wealth management product, investors must understand whether the product's capital preservation specifically refers to the principal-guaranteed capital loss, so as to avoid the loss of the principal that should not be lost due to the early redemption.

After confirming that you want to purchase a capital-guaranteed product, investors should be aware of several common risks of such products, and prepare in advance and backup plans to ensure more with less. The first is credit risk. Under the underlying assets of such products, the obligor may default, and the customer may face the risk of fluctuations in income and even zero income. The second is liquidity risk. During the lifetime of most of the guaranteed products, customers have no prior termination rights, which may result in customers not being able to cash out at any time when they need funds, and may cause customers to lose the risk of other investment opportunities. The third is that the product is not established. If the total amount of the fundraising period does not reach the lower limit of the scale or the volatility of the market or other circumstances in which the product is difficult to establish, it is difficult for the product issuing bank to provide the product to the customer in accordance with the provisions of this product specification. Then, the bank has the right to terminate the product commission without notice. Of course, there are other risks in the protection of this kind of products. It is necessary to have a complete understanding or even a complete set of financial management solutions in order to make the capital-guaranteed products truly achieve the “guaranteed” effect that investors want to achieve.