How to manage your family finances

A friend asked, I bought a fund of 100,000. If I redeem it in 2 years, I can earn 10,000. Does it mean that I earned it?

Actually it is not. Whether the family finance investment is successful or not depends on whether or not the "earning money" is finally made. For example, if we invest 100,000, the annual inflation rate will reach 5%. Only when the income exceeds 5,000 (100,000 * 5%), we can use this year's 105,000 to get the same amount of items that we could buy last year at 100,000. Everyone understands these things, but when it comes to it, it is easy to ignore. So how do we determine whether our family financial investment has succeeded in making a profit? Xiaobian and share with you this experience:

First look: inflation rate

With the development of the economy, inflation has become a must for our family financial management. Elements. In the general standard of maturity, inflation above 3% is considered to be above the warning line. Inflation means the shrinking of our family wealth, that is, the popular saying that "money is not worth the money." Therefore, to talk about asset appreciation, the first investment return rate should exceed the inflation rate during the same period. If the two are leveled, they can only be considered as "guaranteed".

Second look: risk-free income

Risk-free income refers to the investment that can be guaranteed without any family financial skills. This kind of investment can be divided into short-term risk-free investment and long-term risk-free investment according to the investment cycle. More representative such investments include one-year to five-year bank time deposits and certificate-type government bonds. If you have been continually adjusting the type of wealth management products, but at the end of the year, you have not made a lot of money to secure the bank. It can only be said to be a tragedy.

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Here we must specifically note that family investment products represented by antiques, paintings and other artworks often have strong cyclical operation characteristics. In the stage when the price of the collection is not ideal, we can't find the investment failure by looking at the current price, and blindly shot. The success or failure of investment in such products is still determined after the sale, with reference to the two factors of “inflation rate” and “risk-free income” mentioned above.

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